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Dec-2009A higher-order plate element for accurate prediction of interlaminar stresses in laminated composite platesRamesh, S.S.; Wang, C.M. ; Reddy, J.N. ; Ang, K.K. 
Dec-1999Assumed strain quadrilateral C0 laminated plate element based on third-order shear deformation theoryShi, G.; Lam, K.Y. ; Tay, T.E. ; Reddy, J.N. 
Nov-2007Atomistic-mesoscale coupled mechanical analysis of polymeric nanofibersUnnikrishnan, V.U.; Unnikrishnan, G.U.; Reddy, J.N. ; Lim, C.T. 
1997Buckling of circular plates based on Reddy plate theoryWang, C.M. ; Lee, K.H. ; Reddy, J.N. 
Oct-2008Computation of stress resultants in plate bending problems using higher-order triangular elementsRamesh, S.S.; Wang, C.M. ; Reddy, J.N. ; Ang, K.K. 
Jun-2007Constitutive material modeling of cell: A micromechanics approachUnnikrishnan, G.U.; Unnikrishnan, V.U.; Reddy, J.N. 
2008Development of higher-order triangular elements for better prediction of stress-resultants in plateRamesh, S.S.; Wang, C.M. ; Reddy, J.N. ; Ang, K.K. 
1-Aug-1998Dynamic stability of cross-ply laminated composite cylindrical shellsNg, T.Y.; Lam, K.Y. ; Reddy, J.N. 
Nov-2008Multiscale homogenization based analysis of polymeric nanofiber scaffoldsUnnikrishnan, V.U.; Unnikrishnan, G.U.; Reddy, J.N. 
8-Dec-2007Non-local elastic plate theoriesLu, P.; Zhang, P.Q.; Lee, H.P. ; Wang, C.M. ; Reddy, J.N. 
Jun-2008Nonaxisymmetric thermomechanical analysis of functionally graded hollow cylindersShao, Z.S. ; Ang, K.K. ; Reddy, J.N. ; Wang, T.J.
2008Nonlocal continuum theories of beams for the analysis of carbon nanotubesReddy, J.N. ; Pang, S.D. 
Feb-2007Nonlocal theories for bending, buckling and vibration of beamsReddy, J.N.