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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Apr-2014A benzothiazole-cyclopentadithiophene bridged D-A-π-A sensitizer with enhanced light absorption for high efficiency dye-sensitized solar cellsWang, X.; Yang, J.; Yu, H.; Li, F.; Fan, L.; Sun, W.; Liu, Y.; Koh, Z.Y. ; Pan, J.; Yim, W.-L.; Yan, L.; Wang, Q. 
Feb-2011An organic redox mediator for dye-sensitized solar cells with near unity quantum efficiencyLiu, Y.; Jennings, J.R. ; Parameswaran, M. ; Wang, Q. 
2014Anodic titania nanotubes grown on titanium tubular electrodesSun, L.; Wang, X.; Li, M.; Zhang, S.; Wang, Q. 
2013Architectural influence of carbazole push-pull-pull dyes on dye sensitized solar cellsKeerthi, A.; Sriramulu, D.; Liu, Y.; Yuan Timothy, C.T.; Wang, Q. ; Valiyaveettil, S. 
21-May-2012Band engineered ternary solid solution CdS xSe 1-x-sensitized mesoscopic TiO 2 solar cellsHossain, M.A.; Jennings, J.R. ; Mathews, N.; Wang, Q. 
26-Apr-2011Carrier generation and collection in CdS/CdSe-sensitized SnO2 Solar cells exhibiting unprecedented photocurrent densitiesHossain, M.A.; Jennings, J.R. ; Koh, Z.Y. ; Wang, Q. 
28-Aug-2012CdSe-sensitized mesoscopic TiO 2 solar cells exhibiting >5% efficiency: Redundancy of CdS buffer layerHossain, M.A.; Jennings, J.R. ; Shen, C. ; Pan, J.H.; Koh, Z.Y. ; Mathews, N.; Wang, Q. 
2011Characteristics of p-NiO Thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis and their application in CdS-sensitized photocathodesChan, X.-H.; Robert Jennings, J.; Anower Hossain, M.; Koh Zhen Yu, K.; Wang, Q. 
2011Charge transport and interfacial charge transfer in dye-sensitized nanoporous semiconductor electrode systemsJennings, J.R. ; Wang, Q. 
29-Sep-2011Cobalt redox mediators for ruthenium-based dye-sensitized solar cells: A combined impedance spectroscopy and near-IR transmittance studyLiu, Y.; Jennings, J.R. ; Huang, Y.; Wang, Q. ; Zakeeruddin, S.M.; Grätze, M.
May-2012Conformal growth of anodic nanotubes for dye-sensitized solar cells: Part I. planar electrodeSun, L.; Zhang, S.; Wang, Q. ; Zhao, D.
7-Apr-2013Conformal growth of nanocrystalline CdX (X = S, Se) on mesoscopic NiO and their photoelectrochemical propertiesSafari-Alamuti, F.; Jennings, J.R. ; Hossain, Md.A.; Yung, L.Y.L. ; Wang, Q. 
11-Feb-2009Constructing ordered sensitized heterojunctions: Bottom-up electrochemical synthesis of p-type semiconductors in oriented n-TiO 2 nanotube arraysWang, Q. ; Zhu, K.; Neale, N.R.; Frank, A.J.
28-Feb-2014Cuprous sulfide counter electrodes prepared by ion exchange for high-efficiency quantum dot-sensitized solar cellsShen, C. ; Sun, L.; Koh, Z.Y. ; Wang, Q. 
12-Jan-2012Dependence of dye-sensitized solar cell impedance on photoelectrode thicknessJennings, J.R. ; Liu, Y.; Safari-Alamuti, F.; Wang, Q. 
24-Sep-2013Determination of sensitizer regeneration efficiency in dye-sensitized solar cellsLi, F.; Jennings, J.R. ; Wang, Q. 
30-May-2013Determining the conductivities of the two charge transport phases in solid-state dye-sensitized solar cells by impedance spectroscopyLi, F.; Jennings, J.R. ; Wang, Q. ; Chua, J.; Mathews, N.; Mhaisalkar, S.G.; Moon, S.-J.; Zakeeruddin, S.M.; Grätzel, M.
2015Dual redox catalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions: Towards a redox flow Li-O<inf>2</inf> batteryZhu, Yun Guang; Jia, Chuankun ; Yang, Jing ; Pan, Feng; Huang, Qizhao ; Wang, Qing 
4-Aug-2011Efficiency limitations in dye-sensitized solar cells caused by inefficient sensitizer regenerationJennings, J.R. ; Liu, Y.; Wang, Q. 
Nov-2013Efficient dye-sensitized solar cells using a tetramethylthiourea redox mediatorLiu, Y.; Jennings, J.R. ; Wang, Q.