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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A design method for multicriteria optimisation of low exergy architectureChen, K.W.; Janssen, P. ; Schlueter, A.
8-Oct-2019A model-based approach to convert a building BIM-IFC data set model into CityGMLKamel Adouane ; Rudi Stouffs ; Patrick Janssen ; Bernd Domer
2013An evolutionary design processKaushik, V.; Janssen, P. 
2009An evolutionary system for design explorationJanssen, P.H.T. 
2012Custom digital workflows: A new framework for design analysis integrationToth, B.; Boeykens, S.; Chaszar, A.; Janssen, P. ; Stouffs, R.
2013Decision chain encoding: Evolutionary design optimization with complex constraintsJanssen, P. ; Kaushik, V.
2012Evaluating environmental implications of density: A comparative case study on the relationship between density, urban block typology and sky exposureZhang, J. ; Heng, C.K. ; Malone-Lee, L.C. ; Hii, D.J.C. ; Janssen, P. ; Leung, K.S.; Tan, B.K. 
1-Mar-2014Evolutionary optimisation of semitransparent building integrated photovoltaic facadesChoo, T.-S.; Janssen, P. 
2013Exploration of urban street patternsChee, Z.J.; Janssen, P. 
1-Jan-2021Extending CityGML for IFC-sourced 3D city modelsFilip Biljecki ; YAN YEE JOIE LIM ; James Crawford; Diana Moraru; HELGA TAUSCHER ; AMOL JANARDAN KONDE ; KAMEL ADOUANE ; Simon Lawrence; PATRICK HUBERT THEODOOR J ; RUDI MARIA FRANS ANNE STOUFFS 
2013Group forming: Negotiating design via web-based interaction and collaborationOng, E.H.F.; Janssen, P. ; Lo, T.T.
2013Modelling informal settlements using a hybrid automata approachShuvo, F.K.; Janssen, P. 
2012Multi-criteria evolutionary optimisation of building envelopes during conceptual stages of designKaushik, V.S.; Janssen, P. 
2013Semi-transparent building integrated photovoltaic facadesChoo, T.S. ; Janssen, P. 
2013Skeletal modelingJanssen, P. ; Kaushik, V.
2011Solar radiation performance evaluation for high density urban forms in the tropical contextHii, D.J.C. ; Heng, C.K. ; Malone-Lee, L.C. ; Zhang, J. ; Ibrahim, N.; Huang, Y.C.; Janssen, P. 
2020Visualising detailed CityGML and ADE at the building scaleLim J ; Janssen P ; Biljecki, Filip