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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-20133D chromosome modeling with semi-definite programming and Hi-C dataZhang, Z.; Li, G.; Toh, K.-C. ; Sung, W.-K. 
Oct-2011A block coordinate gradient descent method for regularized convex separable optimization and covariance selectionYun, S.; Tseng, P.; Toh, K.-C. 
2007A Distributed SDP approach for large-scale noisy anchor-free graph realization with applications to molecular conformationBiswas, P.; Toh, K.-C. ; Ye, Y.
5-Feb-2006A modified SSOR preconditioner for sparse symmetric indefinite linear systems of equationsChen, X. ; Toh, K.C. ; Phoon, K.K. 
2002A multiple-cut analytic center cutting plane method for semidefinite feasibility problemsToh, K.-C. ; Zhao, G. ; Sun, J. 
2010A newton-cg augmented lagrangian method for semidefinite programmingZhao, X.-Y.; Sun, D. ; Toh, K.-C. 
Mar-2002A note on the calculation of step-lengths in interior-point methods for semidefinite programmingToh, K.-C. 
Jan-2011A polynomial-time inexact primal-dual infeasible path-following algorithm for convex quadratic SDPLi, L.; Toh, K.-C. 
Jan-2014A probabilistic model for minmax regret in combinatorial optimizationNatarajan, K.; Shi, D.; Toh, K.-C. 
2013A proximal point algorithm for log-determinant optimization with group Lasso regularizationYang, J.; Sun, D. ; Toh, K.-C. 
2013A proximal point algorithm for sequential feature extraction applicationsDoan, X.V.; Toh, K.-C. ; Vavasis, S.
2011An accelerated proximal gradient algorithm for frame-based image restoration via the balanced approachShen, Z. ; Toh, K.-C. ; Yun, S.
2010An accelerated proximal gradient algorithm for nuclear norm regularized linear least squares problemsToh, K.-C. ; Yun, S.
2002An analytic center cutting plane method for semidefinite feasibility problemsSun, J. ; Toh, K.-C. ; Zhao, G. 
10-Oct-2002An efficient diagonal preconditioner for finite element solution of Biot's consolidation equationsPhoon, K.K. ; Toh, K.C. ; Chan, S.H.; Lee, F.H. 
Jun-2012An implementable proximal point algorithmic framework for nuclear norm minimizationLiu, Y.-J.; Sun, D. ; Toh, K.-C. 
2012An inexact accelerated proximal gradient method for large scale linearly constrained convex SDPJiang, K.; Sun, D. ; Toh, K.-C. 
2010An inexact interior point method for L1-regularized sparse covariance selectionLi, L.; Toh, K.-C. 
Mar-2008An inexact primal-dual path following algorithm for convex quadratic SDPToh, K.-C. 
2014An introduction to a class of matrix cone programmingDing, C.; Sun, D.; Toh, K.-C.