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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000A dialogue technique to enhance electronic communication in virtual teamsTan, B.C.Y. ; Wei, K.-K. ; Huang, W.W.; Ng, G.-N.
2004A review of metrics for knowledge management systems and knowledge management initiativesKankanhalli, A. ; Tan, B.C.Y. 
2012Advertising effectiveness in social networking sites: Social ties, expertise, and product typeChang, K.T.T. ; Chen, W.; Tan, B.C.Y. 
2009Advertising effectiveness on social network sites: An investigation of tie strength, endorser expertise and product type on consumer purchase intentionWen, C.; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Chang, K.T-.T. 
2009Am i afraid of my peers? understanding the antecedents of information privacy concerns in the online social contextChen, J.; Xu, Y. ; Ping, W.; Tan, B.C.Y. 
Jan-1994Building a database feedback systemWei, K.K. ; Chan, H.C. ; Tan, B.C.Y. 
1999Can a GSS stimulate group polarization? An empirical studySia, C.-L. ; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Wei, K.-K. 
2009Change management in interorganizational systems for the publicSutanto, J.; Kankanhalli, A. ; Tay, J.; Raman, K.S.; Tan, B.C.Y. 
2009Choice of knowledge source in situations of equivocality: Impact of cultural traitsShi, Y.N.; Sia, C.L.; Banerjee, P.; Luo, C.; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Chen, H.
1999Compensating effects of GSS on group performanceHuang, W.; Wei, K.-K. ; Tan, B.C.Y. 
2011Conceptualizing and testing a social cognitive model of the digital divideWei, K.-K.; Teo, H.-H. ; Chan, H.C. ; Tan, B.C.Y. 
2006Conflict and performance in global virtual teamsKankanhalli, A. ; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Kwok-Kee, W.E.I.
2005Contributing knowledge to electronic knowledge repositories: An empirical investigationKankanhalli, A. ; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Wei, K.-K.
2008Contributing to rigorous and forward thinking explanatory theoryGrover, V.; Lyytinen, K.; Srinivasan, A.; Tan, B.C.Y. 
2005Converting online community visitors into online consumersShan, L.M.; Sutanto, J.; Kankanhalli, A.; Tan, B.C.Y. 
2004Cross-cultural differences and information systems developer valuesKankanhalli, A. ; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Wei, K.-K. ; Holmes, M.C.
2003De-escalation of commitment in software projects: Who matters? What matters?Heng, C.-S.; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Wei, K.-K. 
2011Deriving IT-mediated task coordination portfolios for global virtual teamsSutanto, J.; Kankanhalli, A. ; Tan, B.C.Y. 
2001Dimensions of national culture and corporate adoption of IT infrastructurePng, I.P.L. ; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Wee, K.-L.
2007Effectiveness of blog advertising: Impact of communicator expertise,advertising intent, and product involvement: ICIS 2007 breakthrough ideas in information technologyZhu, J.Y.; Tan, B.C.Y.