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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20042-D occluded object recognition using waveletsDu, T.; Lim, K.B. ; Hong, G.S. ; Yu, W.M.; Zheng, H.
20042D partially occluded object recognition using curve momentsLim, K.B. ; Du, T.; Zheng, H.
2012A color grouping method for detection of object regions based on local saliencyJiayun, W.; Bin, L.K. 
Mar-1997A compliant end-effector coupling for vertical assembly: Design and evaluationTian-Soon, S.; Ang Jr., A. ; Kah-Bin, L. 
May-1991A computer-based image-processing system for automated analysis of holographic and shearographic fringesShang, H.M. ; Lim, K.B. ; Lim, E.M.; Poo, A.N. 
2010A new segment-based stereo matching using graph cutsWang, D.; Lim, K.B. 
2002A pragmatic 3D visual servoing systemSim, T.P.; Hong, G.S. ; Lim, K.B. 
2006A prism based single-lens multi-ocular stereo image capture systemXiao, Y.; Lim, K.B. ; Yu, W.M.
1-Nov-2007A prism-based single-lens stereovision system: From trinocular to multi-ocularXiao, Y.; Lim, K.B. 
Dec-2010A robotic system for overlapping radiofrequency ablation in large tumor treatmentYang, L. ; Wen, R.; Qin, J.; Chui, C.-K. ; Lim, K.-B. ; Chang, S.K.-Y.
1995A scale-space filtering approach for visual feature extractionXin, K.; Lim, K.B. ; Hong, G.S. 
2004A single-lens trinocular stereovision system using a 3F filterXiao, Y.; Lim, K.B. 
2008A use of curve moment invariants in recognition of partially occluded objectsKang, L.; Lim, K.B. ; Yao, J.
Nov-2006A wavelet approach for partial occluded object recognitionLim, K.B. ; Du, T.H.; Hong, G.S. 
1-Sep-2012Accurate geometrical optics model for single-lens stereovision system using a prismCui, X.; Lim, K.B. ; Guo, Q.; Wang, D.
2015An effective algorithm for rectification image based on single-lens stereovision systemWang, Daolei; Chen, Jun; Lim, Kah Bin ; Loon, Kee Wei 
Aug-2009Analysis of non-symmetrical flapping airfoilsTay, W.B.; Lim, K.B. 
Mar-1996Application of discrete learning control to a robotic manipulatorPoo, A.N. ; Lim, K.B. ; Ma, Y.X.
2006Bayesian kernel inference for 2D objects recognition based on normalized curvatureLim, K.B. ; Yu, W.M.; Du, T.
Jun-2003Collection and evaluation of projected time gap using CAMDASWang, Z.; Chin, H.C. ; Lim, K.B.