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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995A Heisenberg model of a two-component magnetic superlatticeChen, F.; Sy, H.K. 
Sep-1990Bound states in a semiconductor superlatticeSy, H.K. 
1992Curie temperature for a finite alternating magnetic superlatticeSy, H.K. ; Ow, M.H.
Jan-1998Curie temperatures for a two-component ising ferromagnetic superlatticeSy, H.K. ; Chen, F.
27-Mar-1995Defect plasmons using recurrence relationsSy, H.K. 
1-Dec-2005Erratum: Transition regions in the parameter space based on the transverse Ising model with a four-spin interaction (Europhysics Letters (2005) 72:5 (823-829 ))Teng, B.H. ; Sy, H.K. 
2007Exact analytical solution to the electronic transport in an N-coupled quantum dot arrayTeng, B.H.; Sy, H.K. ; Wang, Z.C.; Sun, Y.Q.; Yang, H.C.
Jan-1987Field theoretical treatment of plasma modes in coupled two-dimensional systemsSy, H.K. 
Sep-2004Green's function investigation of transition properties of the transverse Ising modelTeng, B. ; Sy, H.K. 
1993Internal Tamm states in finite and infinite superlatticesSy, H.K. ; Chua, T.C.
1992Localized magnetism in a superlatticeSy, H.K. 
Jan-1996Magnetostatic modes in a two-component magnetic superlattice using recurrence relationsSy, H.K. ; Chen, F.
16-Feb-1987Mean field theory for compositionally modulated magnetic superlatticesSy, H.K. 
8-Jan-2001Mean-field renormalization group study of the long-range Ising modelKhoo, K.H.; Sy, H.K. 
1-May-2004Parameter modifications in the phase diagrams of the transverse field Ising modelTeng, B. ; Sy, H.K. 
15-Feb-2006Phase diagrams of the transverse Ising model with a four-spin interactionTeng, B.H. ; Sy, H.K. 
Sep-1989Plasmons in a superlattice with an electric fieldSy, H.K. 
1988Plasmons in finite type-II semiconductor multilayersSy, H.K. ; Song, L.M.
14-Sep-1992Plasmons in multilayers with doped surfacesSy, H.K. ; Chua, T.C.
Apr-2004Spin correlations in the Ising chainsTeng, B. ; Sy, H.K.