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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988A central data bank for constructionOfori, G. 
1989A matrix for the construction industries of developing countriesOfori, G. 
2009Authenticity and its influence on psychological wellbeing and contingent self-esteem of leaders in Singapore construction sectorToor, S.-U.-R.; Ofori, G. 
2009Benefits of compliance with local environmental regulations: MNC perspectivesDao, M.A.; Ofori, G. ; Pheng, L.S. 
2004Building waste assessment score: Design-based toolEkanayake, L.L.; Ofori, G. 
2001Chinese culture and successful implementation of partnering in Singapore's construction industryKwan, A.Y.; Ofori, G. 
2007Classification of innovation for strategic decision making in construction businessesLim, J.N.; Ofori, G. 
1988Construction and economic development. A case studyField, B. ; Ofori, G. 
2001Construction industry in China's regional economy, 1990-1998Han, S.S. ; Ofori, G. 
2016Design for safety: Theoretical framework of the safety aspect of BIM system to determine the safety indexTeo A.L.E. ; Ofori G. ; Tjandra I.K. ; Kim H. 
2010Determinants of firm compliance to environmental laws: A case study of VietnamDao, M.A.; Ofori, G. 
2008Developing construction professionals of the 21st century: Renewed vision for leadershipToor, S.-U.-R.; Ofori, G. 
2002DSSDSS: A decision support system for dewatering systems selectionWang, S.Q. ; Wee, Y.P.; Ofori, G. 
2005Emerging managerial competencies of professionals in the Tanzanian construction industryDebrah, Y.A.; Ofori, G. 
2011Empirical analysis of the determinants of organizational flexibility in the construction businessLim, B.T.H.; Ling, F.Y.Y. ; Ibbs, C.W.; Raphael, B. ; Ofori, G. 
2004Engines for change in Singapore's construction industry: An industry view of Singapore's Construction 21 reportDulaimi, M.F. ; Ling, F.Y.Y. ; Ofori, G. 
2002Enhancing integration and innovation in constructionDulaimi, M.F. ; Ling, F.Y.Y. ; Ofori, G. ; De Silva, N. 
2009Ethical leadership: Examining the relationships with full range leadership model, employee outcomes, and organizational cultureToor, S.-R.; Ofori, G. 
2008Explaining cooperative behavior in building and civil engineering projects' claims process: Interactive effects of outcome favorability and procedural fairnessAibinu, A.A.; Ofori, G. ; Ling, F.Y.Y. 
2001Factors influencing development of construction enterprises in SingaporeOfori, G. ; Lean, C.S.