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2001Achieving semantic coupling in the domain of high-dimensional video indexing applicationMittal, A. ; Cheong, L.-F. 
2004Addressing the Problems of Bayesian Network Classification of Video Using High-Dimensional FeaturesMittal, A. ; Cheong, L.-F. 
2006Computational annotation of transcription factor binding sites in D. Melanogaster developmental genes.Narang, V.; Sung, W.K. ; Mittal, A. 
2005Computational modeling of oligonucleotide positional densities for human promoter predictionNarang, V.; Sung, W.-K. ; Mittal, A. 
2001Developing an integrated video analysis systemMittal, A. ; Cheong, L.-F. 
2001Dynamic Bayesian framework for extracting temporal structure in videoMittal, A. ; Cheong, L.F. ; Sing, L.T.
2002Employing Discrete Bayes Error rate for discretization and feature selection tasksMittal, A. ; Cheong, L.-F. 
2003Framework for synthesizing semantic-level indicesMittal, A. ; Cheong, L.-F. 
2002Parsing video programs into individual segments using FSA modelingMittal, A. ; Cheong, L.-F. ; Nair, A.
2004Protein structure and fold prediction using tree-augmented naive Bayesian classifier.Chinnasamy, A.; Sung, W.K. ; Mittal, A. 
2002Robust identification of gradual shot-transition typesMittal, A. ; Cheong, L.-F. ; Tung Sing, L.
2001Techniques for designing a classifier for multimedia indexingMittal, A. ; Cheong, L.-F.