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Jul-1991Algorithms for musical composition: A question of granularitySmoliar, Stephen W. 
Apr-1997An integrated system for content-based video retrieval and browsingZhang, H.J. ; Wu, J. ; Zhong, D.; Smoliar, S.W. 
Jan-1995Automatic parsing and indexing of news videoZhang, H. ; Tan, S.Y. ; Smoliar, S.W. ; Yihong, G.
1994Automatic parsing of news videoZhang, HongJiang ; Gong, Yihong; Smoliar, Stephen W. ; Tan, Shuang Yeo 
Jan-1993Automatic partitioning of full-motion videoZhang, H. ; Kankanhalli, A. ; Smoliar, S.W. 
Jun-1994Content-based video indexing and retrievalSmoliar, Stephen W. ; Zhang, HongJiang 
1995Image retrieval based on color features: an evaluation studyZhang, HongJiang ; Gong, Yihong; Low, Chien Y. ; Smoliar, Stephen W. 
1995Interacting with digital videoSmoliar, Stephen W. ; Zhang, Hong Jiang ; Koh, Siew Lian; Lu, Guo Jun 
Apr-1994On the promises of multimedia authoringSmoliar, S.W. 
1995pianoFORTE: A system for piano education beyond notation literacySmoliar, Stephen W. ; Waterworth, John A. ; Kellock, Peter R. 
Nov-1995Ronald A. Finke, Thomas B. Ward and Steven M. Smith, creative cognitionSmoliar, Stephen W. 
Dec-1995The music collectionSmoliar, S.W. 
Mar-1995Video parsing and browsing using compressed dataZhang, Hongjiang ; Yong Low, Chien ; Smoliar, Stephen W. 
1995Video parsing, indexing and retrieval systemZhang, H.J. ; Wu, J.H. ; Low, C.Y. ; Smoliar, S.W. 
1995Video parsing, retrieval and browsing: An integrated and content-based solutionZhang, H.J. ; Low, C.Y. ; Smoliar, S.W. ; Wu, J.H.