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2015Antifungal susceptibility and phenotypic characterization of oral isolates of a black fungus from a nasopharyngeal carcinoma patient under radiotherapySeneviratne, Chaminda Jayampath ; Fong, Phoenix H L; Wong, Sarah Sze Wah; Lee, Victor
2016Antifungal susceptibility in serum and virulence determinants of candida bloodstream isolates from Hong KongSeneviratne, C.J ; Rajan, S; Wong, S.S.W; Tsang, D.N.C; Lai, C.K.C; Samaranayake, L.P; Jin, L
2016Editorial: Antifungal drug discovery: New theories and new therapiesSeneviratne, C.J ; Rosa, E.A.R
2013Endodontic bacteria from primary and persistent endodontic lesions in Chinese patients as identified by cloning and 16S ribosomal DNA gene sequencingLi X.; Zhu X.-F.; Zhang C.-F.; Cathro P.; Seneviratne C.J. ; Shen S.
7-Feb-2018Graphene onto medical grade titanium: an atom-thick multimodal coating that promotes osteoblast maturation and inhibit biofilm formation from distinct speciesNileshkumar Dubey; Kassapa Ellepola ; Fanny Decroix ; Julien Morin ; AH Castro Neto ; Chaminda Seneviratne ; Vinicius Rosa 
2016Heterogeneous Porphyromonas gingivalis LPS modulates immuno-inflammatory response, antioxidant defense and cytoskeletal dynamics in human gingival fibroblastsHerath, T.D.K; Darveau, R.P; Seneviratne, C.J ; Wang, C.-Y; Wang, Y; Jin, L
2018Immunomodulation as therapy for fungal infection: Are we closer?Sam, Q.H. ; Yew, W.S. ; Seneviratne, C.J. ; Chang, M.W. ; Chai, L.Y.A. 
2014In vitro and in vivo activity of a novel antifungal small molecule against Candida infectionsWong S.S.W.; Kao R.Y.T.; Yuen K.Y.; Wang Y.; Yang D.; Samaranayake L.P.; Seneviratne C.J. 
2016Innate immune response of human embryonic stem cell-derived fibroblasts and mesenchymal stem cells to periodontopathogensSriram G. ; NATU VAISHALI PRAKASH ; Islam I. ; Fu X.; Seneviratne C.J. ; Tan K.S. ; Cao T. 
2018Keystone species in pregnancy gingivitis: A snapshot of oral microbiome during pregnancy and postpartum periodBalan P.; Chong Y.S. ; Umashankar S. ; Swarup S. ; Loke W.M. ; Lopez V. ; He H.G. ; Seneviratne C.J. 
8-Oct-2020Multi-omics tools for studying microbial biofilms: current perspectives and future directionsChaminda Jayampath Seneviratne ; Tanujaa suriyanarayanan ; Armelia Widyarman; Lye Siang Lee ; Wen Jian Matthew Lau; Jianhong Ching ; Christopher Delaney; Gordon Ramage
2014Nanoparticle-encapsulated chlorhexidine against oral bacterial biofilmsSeneviratne C.J. ; Leung K.C.-F.; Wong C.-H.; Lee S.-F.; Li X.; Leung P.C.; Lau C.B.S.; Wat E.; Jin L.
2015New "haploid biofilm model" unravels IRA2 as a novel regulator of Candida albicans biofilm formationSeneviratne, C.J ; Zeng, G; Truong, T; Sze, S; Wong, W; Samaranayake, L; Chan, F.Y; Wang, Y.-M; Wang, H; Gao, J; Wang, Y 
2015Potential use of phenolic acids as anti-Candida agents: A reviewTeodoro, G.R; Ellepola, K ; Seneviratne, C.J ; Koga-Ito, C.Y
2016Synergistic antibacterial effects of nanoparticles encapsulated with Scutellaria baicalensis and pure chlorhexidine on oral bacterial biofilmsLeung, K.C.-F; Seneviratne, C.J ; Li, X; Leung, P.C; Lau, C.B.S; Wong, C.-H; Pang, K.Y; Wong, C.W; Wat, E; Jin, L
2013Tetra- and Penta-Acylated Lipid A Structures of Porphyromonas gingivalis LPS Differentially Activate TLR4-Mediated NF-κB Signal Transduction Cascade and Immuno-Inflammatory Response in Human Gingival FibroblastsHerath T.D.K.; Darveau R.P.; Seneviratne C.J. ; Wang C.-Y.; Wang Y.; Jin L.
2013The expression and regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-3 is critically modulated by Porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharide with heterogeneous lipid A structures in human gingival fibroblastsHerath T.D.K.; Wang Y.; Seneviratne C.J. ; Darveau R.P.; Wang C.-Y.; Jin L.
2016Therapeutic application of synbiotics, a fusion of probiotics and prebiotics, and biogenics as a new concept for oral Candida infections: A mini reviewOhshima, T; Kojima, Y; Seneviratne, C.J ; Maeda, N
2018Use of haploid model of Candida albicans to uncover mechanism of action of a novel antifungal agentTruong T. ; Suriyanarayanan T. ; Zeng G.; Le T.D.; Liu L.; Li J.; Tong C. ; Wang Y. ; Seneviratne C.J.