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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A tale of two concessionaires: A natural experiment of water privatisation in Metro ManilaWu, X. ; Malaluan, N.A.
2003Access to utilities by the poor: A global perspectiveKomives, K.; Whittington, D.; Wu, X. 
2004Coping with the cold: Space heating and the urban poor in developing countriesWu, X. ; Lampietti, J.; Meyer, A.S.
2005Corporate governance and corruption: A cross-country analysisWu, X. 
Apr-2008Corporate ownership and briberyDas-Gupta, Arindam; Wu, Xun 
2009Determinants of bribery in Asian firms: evidence from the world business environment surveyWu, X. 
2007Economic growth, the environment and employment: Challenges for sustainable development in ChinaThampapillai, D.J. ; Wu, X. ; Sunderaj, L.R.
2005Firm accounting practices, accounting reform and corruption in AsiaWu, Xun 
2009Health care reforms in developing Asia: Propositions and realitiesWu, X. ; Ramesh, M.
2009Health policy reform in China: Lessons from AsiaRamesh, M.; Wu, X. 
2006Incentive compatibility and conflict resolution in international river basins: A case study of the Nile basinWu, X. ; Whittington, D.
Mar-2013Interdependence in water resource development in the Ganges: an economic analysisWu, Xun ; Jeuland, Marc; Sadoff, Claudia; Whittington, Dale
Sep-2014Market imperfections, government imperfections and policy mixes : policy innovations in SingaporeWu, Xun ; M RAMESH 
2009Paradigm shift in public administration: Implications for teaching in professional training programsWu, X. ; He, J.
2005Political institutions and corporate governance reforms in Southeast AsiaWu, Xun 
Jun-2013Public administration research in mainland China and Taiwan: an assessment of journal publications, 1998-2008Wu, Xun ; He, Yanling; Sun, Milan Tung-Wen
Dec-2008Public sector transparency and corporate accounting practices in AsiaWu, Xun 
2008Realigning public and private health care in southeast AsiaRamesh, M. ; Wu, X. 
Nov-2012Teaching public policy in East Asia: aspirations, potentials and challengesWu, Xun ; Lai, Allen Yu-Hung; Choi, Do Lim
2013Ten fundamental questions for water resources development in the Ganges: Myths and realitiesSadoff, C.; Harshadeep, N.R.; Blackmore, D.; Wu, X. ; O'Donnell, A.; Jeuland, M.; Lee, S.; Whittington, D.