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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2008A comparison of the bearing capacity of flat and conical circular foundations on sandWhite, D.J.; Teh, K.L. ; Leung, C.F. ; Chow, Y.K. 
Mar-1999A method for the analysis of large vertically loaded pile groupsHong, D.C.; Chow, Y.K. ; Yong, K.Y. 
17-Jun-2019A Particle Method for Simulation of Submarine Landslides and MudflowsCHOW YEAN KHOW ; Li, Siyu; KOH CHAN GHEE 
Aug-2000A variational approach for the analysis of pile group-pile cap interactionShen, W.Y.; Chow, Y.K. ; Yong, K.Y. 
1999A variational approach for the analysis of rectangular rafts on an elastic half-spaceShen, W.Y.; Chow, Y.K. ; Yong, K.Y. 
1997A variational approach for vertical deformation analysis of pile groupShen, W.Y.; Chow, Y.K. ; Yong, K.Y. 
2001Analysis of piled raft foundations using a variational approachChow, Y.K. ; Yong, K.Y. ; Shen, W.Y.
1996Analysis of piles used for slope stabilizationChow, Y.K. 
2001Analysis of rectangular thick rafts on an elastic half-spaceWang, C.M. ; Chow, Y.K. ; How, Y.C.
Jul-2007Application of enhanced assumed strain finite element method to predict collapse loads of undrained geotechnical problemsZhou, X.X.; Chow, Y.K. ; Leung, C.F. 
Jun-1989Axially loaded piles and pile groups embedded in a cross-anisotropic soilChow, Y.K. 
2009Behavior of pile groups subject to excavation-induced soil movement in very soft clayOng, D.E.L.; Leung, C.F. ; Chow, Y.K. 
Nov-2000Behavior of pile subject to excavation-induced soil movementLeung, C.F. ; Chow, Y.K. ; Shen, R.F. 
Dec-2004Behavior of pile subject to negative skin friction and axial loadLeung, C.F. ; Liao, B.K.; Chow, Y.K. ; Shen, R.F. ; Kog, Y.C.
2014Behaviour of pile above tunnel in clayHartono, E.; Leung, C.F.; Shen, R.F.; Chow, Y.K. ; Ng, Y.S.; Tan, H.T.; Hua, C.J.
2011Behaviour of skirted footings on sand overlying clayGan, C.T. ; Teh, K.L. ; Leung, C.F. ; Chow, Y.K. ; Swee, S.
2006Breakout failure mechanism of jackup spudcan extractionPurwana, O.A.; Leung, C.F. ; Chow, Y.K. ; Foo, K.S.
Mar-2004Centrifuge model study of laterally loaded pile groups in clayIlyas, T.; Leung, C.F. ; Chow, Y.K. ; Budi, S.S.
2009Centrifuge model study of SCR motion in touchdown zoneHu, H.J.E.; Leung, C.F. ; Chow, Y.K. ; Palmer, A.C.