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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Analyzing online information privacy concerns: An information processing theory approachHann, I.-H.; Hui, K.-L.; Lee, S.-Y.T.; Png, I.P.L. 
2004Buyer shopping costs and retail pricing: An indirect empirical testLee, S.-Y.T. ; Png, I.P.L. 
2004Buyer shopping costs and retail pricing: An indirect empirical testLee, S.-Y.T. ; Png, I.P.L. 
2010Buyer uncertainty and two-part pricing: Theory and applicationsPng, I.P.L. ; Wang, H.
23-Oct-2017China Meteorological Publications 1872-1951Chen Yeh-Ning; Chu Junhong ; Png Paak Liang Ivan 
2008Consumer privacy and marketing avoidance: A static modelHann, I.-H.; Hui, K.-L.; Lee, S.-Y.T. ; Png, I.P.L. 
2011Contract structure and performance: The role of milestone payments in IT technology development agreementsChen, Y. ; Png, I. 
1999Damage measures for inadvertant breach of contractBebchuk, L.A.; Png, I.P.L. 
2001Dimensions of national culture and corporate adoption of IT infrastructurePng, I.P.L. ; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Wee, K.-L.
2013Do institutions not matter in China? Evidence from manufacturing enterprisesLu, Y.; Png, I.P.L. ; Tao, Z.
2003Information goods pricing and copyright enforcement: Welfare analysisChen, Y.-N.; Png, I. 
2009Information security: Facilitating user precautions vis-à-vis enforcement against attackersPng, I. ; Wang, Q.-H.
2009Information security: user precautions, attacker efforts, and enforcementPng, I.P.L. ; Wang, Q.-H. 
1-Mar-2018Law, social responsibility, and outsourcingFu, Q ; Gong, J ; Png, IPL 
10-Jun-2019Location of U.S. Corporate Headquarters, 1988-2006Png Paak Liang Ivan 
10-Jun-2019Location of U.S. Manufacturing, 1987-2014: A New DatasetXiong Xi; Png Paak Liang Ivan 
2003Monitoring costs and the mode of international investmentLin, C.-C.S.; Png, I. 
2011Newspaper reports and consumer choice: Evidence from the do not call registryGoh, K.-Y. ; Hui, K.-L.; Png, I.P.L. 
10-Jun-2019NUS Republican China Weather DatabasePng Paak Liang Ivan ; Chen Yeh-ning; Chu Junhong ; Feng Yikang 
2010On the reliability of software piracy statisticsPng, I.P.L.