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2009A Biofunctional Fibrous Scaffold for the Encapsulation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells and its Effects on Stem Cell DifferentiationYow, S.Z.; Quek, C.H.; Yim, E.K.F. ; Leong, K.W. ; Lim, C.T. 
Mar-2007Biomaterials approach to expand and direct differentiation of stem cellsChai, C. ; Leong, K.W. 
Feb-2009Collagen-based fibrous scaffold for spatial organization of encapsulated and seeded human mesenchymal stem cellsYow, S.Z.; Quek, C.H. ; Yim, E.K.F. ; Lim, C.T. ; Leong, K.W. 
Sep-2002Enhanced gene expression in mouse muscle by sustained release of plasmid DNA using PPE-EA as a carrierWang, J.; Zhang, P.-C.; Mao, H.-Q. ; Leong, K.W. 
May-2007Functional nanofiber scaffolds with different spacers modulate adhesion and expansion of cryopreserved umbilical cord blood hematopoietic stem/progenitor cellsChua, K.-N.; Chai, C. ; Lee, P.-C.; Ramakrishna, S. ; Leong, K.W. ; Mao, H.-Q.
May-2012Mechanical behavior of human embryonic stem cell pellet under unconfined compressionMa, G.; Petersen, E.; Leong, K.W. ; Liao, K.
12-Jul-2005Multi-layer cell encapsulation for tissue engineeringYU, HANRY ; LEONG, KAM W. ; CHIA, SER-MIEN ; WAN, ANDREW C. A. 
17-May-2011Multi-layer cell encapsulation for tissue engineeringYU, HANRY ; LEONG, KAM W ; CHIA, SER-MIEN ; WAN, ANDREW C. A. 
14-Jun-2005Non-disruptive three-dimensional culture and harvest system for anchorage-dependent cellsYU, HANRY ; LEONG, KAM W. ; CHIA, SER-MIEN 
1999Novel hepatocyte encapsulation enhances cellular functionsChia, Ser-Mien ; Li, Jun ; Xu, Xi; Gao, Shujun; Leong, Kam W. ; Yu, Hanry 
8-Feb-2011Polycationic polyrotaxanes capable of forming complexes with nucleic acidsLI, JUN ; YANG, CHUAN ; LI, HONGZHE; WANG, XIN ; GOH, SUAT HONG ; LEONG, KAM W. 
Jul-2003Repeated intrathecal administration of plasmid DNA complexed with polyethylene glycol-grafted polyethylenimine led to prolonged transgene expression in the spinal cordShi, L.; Tang, G.P.; Gao, S.J.; Ma, Y.X.; Liu, B.H.; Li, Y.; Zeng, J.M.; Ng, Y.K.; Leong, K.W. ; Wang, S. 
16-Sep-2004Role of intermolecular interaction between hydrophobic blocks in block-selected inclusion complexation of amphiphilic poly(ethylene oxide)-poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate]-poly(ethylene oxide) triblock copolymers with cyclodextrinsLi, X.; Li, J. ; Leong, K.W. 
2001Transgene expression in the brain stem effected by intramuscular injection of polyethylenimine/DNA complexesWang, S. ; Ma, N.; Gao, S.J.; Yu, H. ; Leong, K.W. 
22-Jul-2008Viscoelastic behaviour of human mesenchymal stem cellsTan, S.C.W.; Pan, W.X.; Ma, G.; Cai, N.; Leong, K.W. ; Liao, K.