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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20040.67Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-0.33PbTiO3 thin films derived from RF magnetron sputteringLi, W.Z. ; Xue, J.M. ; Zhou, Z.H. ; Wang, J. ; Zhu, H.; Miao, J.M.
May-20110.90(Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3)-0.06BaTiO 3-0.04K0.5Na0.5NbO3 ferroelectric thin films derived from chemical solutionsKang, G.; Yao, K.; Wang, J. 
Mar-2012(1 - X) Ba (Zr 0.2 Ti 0.8) O 3-x(Ba 0.7 Ca 0.3) TiO 3 ferroelectric thin films prepared from chemical solutionsKang, G.; Yao, K.; Wang, J. 
14-May-20153D hierarchical SnO2@Ni(OH)2 core–shell nanowire arrays on carbon cloth for energy storage applicationKe, Qingqing ; Guan, Cao ; Zheng, Minrui ; Hu, Yating; Ho, Kuan-hung; Wang, John 
20153D hierarchical SnO<inf>2</inf>@Ni(OH)<inf>2</inf> core-shell nanowire arrays on carbon cloth for energy storage applicationKe Qing Qing ; Guan Cao ; Zheng Ming Rui; Hu Yating; Ho Kung Hung; Wang John 
20153D nanostructure of carbon nanotubes decorated Co3O4 nanowire arrays for high performance supercapacitor electrodeKe, Qingqing ; Tang, Chunhua ; Yang, Zheng-Chun; Zheng, Minrui ; Mao, Lu ; Liu, Huajun; Wang, John 
May-1998A Bicontinuous Microemulsion Route to Zinc Oxide PowderLim, B.P.; Wang, J. ; Ng, S.C. ; Chew, C.H. ; Gan, L.M. 
4-Feb-2013A giant polarization value of Zn and Mn co-modified bismuth ferrite thin filmsWu, J.; Qiao, S.; Wang, J. ; Xiao, D.; Zhu, J.
28-Mar-2012A method to improve electrical properties of BiFeO 3 thin filmsWu, J.; Wang, J. ; Xiao, D.; Zhu, J.
23-Sep-2002A Monte Carlo simulation of B-site order-disorder transformation in Pb(Sc1/2Ta1/2)O3 triggered by mechanical activationGao, X.S. ; Lim, J.; Xue, J.M. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Liu, J.-M.; Wang, J. 
2010A new class of solid state ionic conductors for application in all solid state dye sensitized solar cellsMidya, A. ; Xie, Z. ; Yang, J.-X. ; Chen, Z.-K.; Blackwood, D.J. ; Wang, J. ; Adams, S. ; Loh, K.P. 
2015Activation of sucrose-derived carbon spheres for high-performance supercapacitor electrodesMao, Lu ; Zhang, Yu ; Hu, Yating; Ho, Kuanhung; Ke, Qingqing ; Liu, Huajun; Hu, Zhigang; Zhao, Dan ; Wang, John 
1999Activation-induced pyrochlore-to-perovskite conversion for a lead magnesium niobate precursorXue, J. ; Wang, J. ; Ng, W.; Wan, D. 
5-May-1998An ultrafine barium ferrite powder of high coercivity from water-in-oil microemulsionLiu, X.; Wang, J. ; Gan, L.-M. ; Ng, S.-C. ; Ding, J. 
2015Atomic layer deposition of Co3O4 on carbon nanotubes/carbon cloth for high-capacitance and ultrastable supercapacitor electrodeGuan C. ; Qian X.; Wang X.; Cao Y.; Zhang Q.; Li A.; Wang J. 
2015Atomic-layer-deposition alumina induced carbon on porous NixCo1-xO nanonets for enhanced pseudocapacitive and Li-ion storage performanceGuan C. ; Wang Y.; Zacharias M.; Wang J. ; Fan H.J.
30-Jun-2003B-site disordering in Pb(Sc1/2Ta1/2)O3 by mechanical activationGao, X.S. ; Xue, J.M. ; Wang, J. ; Yu, T. ; Shen, Z.X. 
Apr-2002B-site order-disorder transition in Pb(Mg 1/3Nb 2/3)O 3-Pb(Mg 1/2W 1/2 )O 3 triggered by mechanical activationGao, X. ; Xue, J. ; Yu, T. ; Shen, Z. ; Wang, J. 
2005B-site ordering and magnetic behaviours in Ni-doped double perovskite Sr2FeMoO6Chen, L. ; Yuan, C. ; Xue, J. ; Wang, J. 
21-Nov-2005B-site ordering and magnetic behaviours in Ni-doped double perovskite Sr2FeMoO6Chen, L.; Yuan, C. ; Xue, J. ; Wang, J.