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Oct-2011Affective dimensions of odor perception: A comparison between swiss, British, and singaporean populationsFerdenzi, C.; Schirmer, A. ; Roberts, S.C.; Delplanque, S.; Porcherot, C.; Cayeux, I.; Velazco, M.-I.; Sander, D.; Scherer, K.R.; Grandjean, D.
24-Oct-2017Age differences in vocal emotion perception: On the role of speaker age and listener sexAntarika Sen ; Derek Isaacowitz; Annett Schirmer 
2015Auditory rhythms entrain visual processes in the human brain: Evidence from evoked oscillations and event-related potentialsEscoffier N. ; Herrmann C.S.; Schirmer A. 
2011Emotion effects on timing: Attention versus pacemaker accountsLui, M.A. ; Penney, T.B. ; Schirmer, A. 
2010Emotional MMN: Anxiety and heart rate correlate with the ERP signature for auditory change detectionSchirmer, A. ; Escoffier, N. 
2011How emotions change timeSchirmer, A. 
4-Sep-2013Humans Process Dog and Human Facial Affect in Similar WaysSchirmer, A. ; Seow, C.S.; Penney, T.B. 
2007Listen up! Processing of intensity change differs for vocal and nonvocal soundsSchirmer, A. ; Escoffier, N. ; Simpson, E.
2010Mark my words: Tone of voice changes affective word representations in memorySchirmer, A. 
2015On the importance of being vocal: Saying "ow" improves pain toleranceSwee Genevieve; Schirmer Annett 
15-Oct-2012On the spatial organization of sound processing in the human temporal lobe: A meta-analysisSchirmer, A. ; Fox, P.M.; Grandjean, D.
2011Perceiving verbal and vocal emotions in a second languageMin, C.S.; Schirmer, A. 
Nov-2011Perceptual and conceptual priming of environmental soundsSchirmer, A. ; Soh, Y.H.; Penney, T.B. ; Wyse, L. 
2015Reach out to one and you reach out to many: Social touch affects third-party observersSchirmer, Annett ; Reece, Christy; Zhao, Claris; Ng, Erik; Wu, Esther ; Yen, Shih Cheng 
22-Nov-2013Tactile stimulation reduces fear in fishSchirmer, A. ; Jesuthasan, S. ; Mathuru, A.S.
2006Task and sex modulate the brain response to emotional incongruity in asian listenersSchirmer, A. ; Escoffier, N.; Lui, M.; Maess, B.; Chan, M.; Penney, T.B.
2010Unattended musical beats enhance visual processingEscoffier, N. ; Sheng, D.Y.J.; Schirmer, A. 
Feb-2013Variability of affective responses to odors: Culture, gender, and olfactory knowledgeFerdenzi, C.; Roberts, S.C.; Schirmer, A. ; Delplanque, S.; Cekic, S.; Porcherot, C.; Cayeux, I.; Sander, D.; Grandjean, D.
2008What grabs his attention but not hers? Estrogen correlates with neurophysiological measures of vocal change detectionSchirmer, A. ; Escoffier, N. ; Li, Q.Y.; Li, H.; Strafford-Wilson, J.; Li, W.-I.
2008When vocal processing gets emotional: On the role of social orientation in relevance detection by the human amygdalaSchirmer, A. ; Escoffier, N. ; Zysset, S.; Friederici, A.D.; Koester, D.; Striano, T.