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2009A Cellular Neural Network as a Principal Component analyzerHaung, C.-H.; Leow, W.-K. ; Racoceanu, D. 
2009Advanced methods for recurrent hierarchical systems modeling. Application to producer-consumer distributed energy production systemsMinca, E.; Filip, F.; Racoceanu, D. ; Stefan, V.; Stefan, A.
2008Automatic breast cancer grading of histopathological images.Dalle, J.R. ; Leow, W.K. ; Racoceanu, D. ; Tutac, A.E.; Putti, T.C.
2012Neurosphere fate prediction: An analysis-synthesis approach for feature extractionRigaud, S.U.; Loménie, N.; Sankaran, S.; Ahmed, S.; Lim, J.-H.; Racoceanu, D. 
2012Nuclei extraction from histopathological images using a marked point process approachKulikova, M.; Veillard, A.; Roux, L.; Racoceanu, D. 
2012Point set morphological filtering and semantic spatial configuration modeling: Application to microscopic image and bio-structure analysisLoménie, N.; Racoceanu, D. 
2012PRBF kernels: A framework for the incorporation of task-specific properties into support vector methodsVeillard, A.; Racoceanu, D. ; Bressan, S. 
2009Predictive modelling of the monitoring function. A predictive modelling application for fault states in a manufacturing systemMinca, E.; Racoceanu, D. ; Dragomir, O.; Stefan, V.; Dragomir, F.
2009Spatial relationships over sparse representationsLoménie, N.; Racoceanu, D. 
2012SVM-based framework for the robust extraction of objects from histopathological images using color, texture, scale and geometryVeillard, A.; Bressan, S. ; Racoceanu, D. 
2011Time-efficient sparse analysis of histopathological whole slide imagesHuang, C.-H. ; Veillard, A.; Roux, L.; Loménie, N.; Racoceanu, D.