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2005Biased lending and non-performing loans in China's banking sectorLu, D. ; Thangavelu, S.M. ; Hu, Q.
2003China as an economic powerhouse: Implications on its neighborsAbeysinghe, T. ; Lu, D. 
2004China's capability to control its exchange rateLu, D. 
Apr-1998Evidence of spill-over efficiency : implication on industrial policies towards foreign direct investment in ChinaZhu, Gangti ; Lu, Ding 
1998Evidence of spill-over efficiency: Implication on industrial policies towards foreign direct investment in ChinaZhu, G. ; Lu, D. 
1999Hong Kong's exchange rate regime: Lessons from SingaporeLu, D. ; Yu, Q. 
2001Industrial policy and resource allocation: Implications on China's participation in globalizationLu, D. 
1993Monopolistic settlement agreements in international telecommunicationsHakim, S.R.; Lu, D. 
2003Pricing behavior of a conventional retailer's online-branchDing, L. 
Jul-1998Productivity puzzles : rethinking of technical change and the aggregate production functionLu, Ding ; Zhu, Gangti 
1994Regulatory framework against unfair competition for an emerging market economyLu, Ding 
2002Rural-urban income disparity: Impact of growth, allocative efficiency, and local growth welfareLu, D. 
2001Shared Network InvestmentLu, D. 
1994The entrepreneurs who do both: Production and rent-seekingLu, D. 
Apr-1994The management of China's telecommunications industry. Some institutional factsLu, D. 
1994The management of China's telecommunications industry: Some institutional factsLu, D.