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2018Collective cell migration without proliferation: Density determines cell velocity and wave velocityTlili, S ; Gauquelin, E; Li, B; Cardoso, O; Ladoux, B ; Ayari, H.D; Graner, F
2017Contractile forces at tricellular contacts modulate epithelial organization and monolayer integritySalomon, J; Gaston, C; Magescas, J; Duvauchelle, B; Canioni, D; Sengmanivong, L; Mayeux, A; Michaux, G; Campeotto, F; Lemale, J; Viala, J; Poirier, F; Minc, N; Schmitz, J; Brousse, N; Ladoux, B ; Goulet, O; Delacour, D
2008Cooperative retraction of bundled type IV pili enables nanonewton force generationBiais N.; Ladoux B. ; Higashi D.; So M.; Sheetz M. 
2017Emergent patterns of collective cell migration under tubular confinementXi, W ; Sonam, S ; Beng Saw, T ; Ladoux, B ; Teck Lim, C 
2015Gap geometry dictates epithelial closure efficiencyRavasio, A ; Cheddadi, I; Chen, T ; Pereira, T; Ong, H.T ; Bertocchi, C ; Brugues, A; Jacinto, A; Kabla, A.J; Toyama, Y ; Trepat, X; Gov, N; Neves De Almeida, L; Ladoux, B 
2015High-resolution imaging of cellular processes across textured surfaces using an indexed-matched elastomerAndrea Ravasio ; Sree Vaishnavi Sundararajan ; Ladoux, Beno�t ; Viasnoff, Virgile Nicolas Robert 
2015Mechanics of epithelial closure over non-adherent environmentsVedula, S.R.K ; Peyret, G; Cheddadi, I; Chen, T ; Brugués, A; Hirata, H ; Lopez-Menendez, H; Toyama, Y ; Neves De Almeida, L; Trepat, X; Lim, C.T ; Ladoux, B 
2017Modeling collective cell migration in geometric confinementTarle, V; Gauquelin, E; Vedula, S.R.K; D'Alessandro, J; Lim, C.T ; Ladoux, B ; Gov, N.S
2011Running worms: C. elegans self-sorting by electrotaxisManière X.; Lebois F.; Matic I.; Ladoux B. ; Di Meglio J.-M.; Hersen P.
17-Feb-2010Strength dependence of cadherin-mediated adhesionsLadoux, B. ; Anon, E.; Lambert, M.; Rabodzey, A.; Hersen, P.; Buguin, A.; Silberzan, P.; Mège, R.-M.