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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1997Advanced analysis and design of spatial structuresRichard Liew, J.Y. ; Punniyakotty, N.M. ; Shanmugam, N.E. 
Jun-2002An analytical model for thin-walled steel box columns with concrete in-fillShanmugam, N.E. ; Lakshmi, B.; Uy, B.
1991An experimental and theoretical study of multi-cell structures curved in planShanmugam, N.E. ; Balendra, T. 
Mar-1995Assessment of K factor formulasShanmugam, N.E. ; Chen, W.F.
2002Behavior of steel-concrete composite plate girdersShanmugam, N.E. ; Baskar, K.
1995Behaviour and design of horizontally curved steel beamsRichard Liew, J.Y. ; Thevendran, V. ; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Tan, L.O.
Nov-2002Behaviour of composite haunched beam connectionShanmugam, N.E. ; Ng, Y.H.; Liew, J.Y.R. 
1991Behaviour of I-beam to box-column connections stiffened externally and subjected to fluctuating loadsShanmugan, N.E. ; Ting, L.C. ; Lee, S.L. 
1996Behaviour of stiffened plates in offshore structuresShanmugam, N.E. ; Arockiasamy, M.
2004Behaviour of web panels in plate girders curved in planKumar, M.M.; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Thevendran, V. 
1991Box-column to I-beam connections with external stiffenersTing, L.C. ; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Lee, S.L. 
1998Collapse behaviour of sway frames with end-plate connectionsYu, C.H. ; Liew, J.Y.R. ; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Ng, Y.H.
1994Column and beam-column design - a world viewShanmugam, N.E. ; Chen, W.F.
Feb-2004Composite joints subject to reversal of loading-Part 1: Experimental studyLiew, J.Y.R. ; Teo, T.H.; Shanmugam, N.E. 
Feb-2004Composite joints subject to reversal of loading-Part 2: Analytical assessmentsLiew, J.Y.R. ; Teo, T.H.; Shanmugam, N.E. 
Dec-2004Concrete-filled tubular columns part 1 - Cross-section analysisGayathri, V.; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Choo, Y.S. 
Dec-2004Concrete-filled tubular columns part 2 - Column analysisGayathri, V.; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Choo, Y.S. 
Jun-2005Concrete-Filled Tubular Columns: Part 2 - Column Analysis International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics, 4(4) (2004) 479-495Rajasekaran, S.; Gayathri, V.; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Choo, Y.S. 
1989Corner supported isosceles triangular orthotropic platesShanmugam, N.E. ; Huang, R.; Yu, C.H. ; Lee, S.L. 
1992Critical loads of thin-walled beams containing web openingsShanmugam, N.E. ; Thevendran, V.