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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A comparative study of flow boiling heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics in microgap and microchannel heat sink and an evaluation of microgap heat sink for hotspot mitigationAlam, T.; Lee, P.S. ; Yap, C.R. ; Jin, L.
2011A correlation for confined nucleate boiling heat transferChan, M.A.; Yap, C.R. ; Ng, K.C. 
Dec-2002A general model for studying effects of interface layers on thermoelectric devices performanceXuan, X.C. ; Ng, K.C. ; Yap, C. ; Chua, H.T. 
Sep-2008A numerical study of a heat sink fin under a laminar impinging jetLou, Z.Q.; Yap, C. ; Mujumdar, A.S. 
Aug-2008A parametric study of phase change material (PCM)-based heat sinksWang, X.-Q. ; Yap, C. ; Mujumdar, A.S. 
2001A two-stage cuboid-styled thermoelectric cooler with switched polarityXuan, X.C. ; Ng, K.C. ; Yap, C. ; Chua, H.T. 
Jul-2008A universal performance chart for CPU cooling devicesNg, K.C. ; Yap, C.R. ; Chan, M.A.
2001A WWW-based Course Structure for Teaching a Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer CourseRidwan, M.; Yap, C. ; Mannan, M.A. 
Jan-2008Adsorption equilibrium and kinetics of gasoline vapors onto carbon-based adsorbentsEl-Sharkawy, I.I.; Ming, H.J.; Ng, K.C. ; Yap, C. ; Saha, B.B.
2007Effect of bifurcation angle in tree-shaped microchannel networksWang, X.-Q. ; Mujumdar, A.S. ; Yap, C. 
Aug-2007Effect of orientation for phase change material (PCM)-based heat sinks for transient thermal management of electric componentsWang, X.-Q. ; Mujumdar, A.S. ; Yap, C. 
14-May-2009Effect of pressure on the adsorption rate for gasoline vapor on pitch-based activated carbonHe, J.M.; Ng, K.C. ; Yap, C. ; Saha, B.B. 
Dec-2005Effects of geometric parameters on confined impinging jet heat transferLou, Z.Q.; Mujumdar, A.S. ; Yap, C. 
2013Effects of surface roughness on flow boiling in silicon microgap heat sinksAlam, T.; Lee, P.S. ; Yap, C.R. 
Sep-2005Effects of two-dimensional roughness in flow in microchannelsWang, X.-Q. ; Yap, C. ; Mujumdar, A.S. 
Sep-1994Efficient energy performance of large commercial buildings in tropical climatesChou, S.K. ; Wong, Y.W.; Chang, W.L. ; Yap, C. 
Dec-2001Enhance air-cooled heat exchanger performanceShastri, S.S. ; Karimi, I.A. ; Rangaiah, G.P. ; Yap, C. 
1998Enhanced cooling of IC chip arrays on printed circuit boardsLow, K.W.; Yap, C. 
30-May-2010Experimental analysis of pool boiling heat transfer on extended surfaces at near vacuum pressuresNg, K.C. ; Yap, C.R. ; Chan, M.A.