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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jan-20120.7BiFeO3-0.3BaTiO3-Y3Fe5O 12 composites with simultaneously improved electrical and magnetic propertiesYang, H.; Ke, Q.; Si, H. ; Chen, J. 
19-Dec-2011(001) textured L1 0-FePt pseudo spin valve with TiN spacerHo, P.; Han, G.C.; He, K.H.; Chow, G.M. ; Chen, J.S. 
2012A comparative study of interlayer coupling in L10-FePt based pseudo spin valves with Ag and TiN spacersHo, P.; Han, G.; Chow, G.-M. ; Chen, J.-S. 
30-Aug-2007A novel amperometric biosensor based on ZnO:Co nanoclusters for biosensing glucoseZhao, Z.W.; Chen, X.J.; Tay, B.K.; Chen, J.S. ; Han, Z.J.; Khor, K.A.
Mar-2013A simple approach to sub-100 nm resist nanopatterns with a high aspect ratioZong, B.Y.; Ho, P.; Han, G.C.; Chow, G.M. ; Chen, J.S. 
3-Jan-2011A simple method to prepare highly ordered PS-b-P4VP block copolymer templateSi, H.-Y. ; Chen, J.-S. ; Chow, G.-M. 
Dec-2010A study on magnetic properties and structure of SmCo5 thin films on NiW underlayersZhang, L.N.; Hu, J.F.; Chen, J.S. ; Ding, J. 
7-Nov-2013Annealing effect on the FePt/Fe exchange-coupled granular bilayerHuang, L.S.; Hu, J.F.; Chow, G.M. ; Chen, J.S. 
2015Atomic healing of defects in transition metal dichalcogenidesLi C. ; Huang L. ; Li T. ; Lu W. ; Qiu X. ; Huang Z. ; Liu Z. ; Zeng S. ; Guo R. ; Zhao Y. ; Zeng K. ; Coey M. ; Chen J. ; Ariando ; Venkatesan T. 
Oct-2011Atomistic modeling of the interlayer coupling behavior in perpendicularly magnetized L10-FePt/Ag/L10-FePt pseudo spin valvesHo, P.; Evans, R.F.L.; Chantrell, R.W.; Han, G.; Chow, G.-M. ; Chen, J. 
2009Chemical ordering and magnetic properties of L10 CoPt- SiO 2 nanocompositeYang, Y.; Pandey, K.K.M. ; Chen, J.S. ; Chow, G.M. ; Hu, J.F.
15-May-2003Coercivity enhancement by Ru pinning layer in FePt thin filmsZhao, Z.L. ; Ding, J. ; Chen, J.S. ; Wang, J.P. 
2006Compositional dependence of magnetic properties of Co-Pt thin filmsPandey, K.K.M. ; Chen, J.S. ; Chow, G.M. 
Oct-2011Compositional effects on the structure and phase transition of epitaxial FeRh thin filmsCher, K.M.; Zhou, T.J.; Chen, J.S. 
4-Nov-2002Control of magnetization reversal process with pinning layer in FePt thin filmsZhao, Z.L. ; Wang, J.P. ; Chen, J.S. ; Ding, J. 
2013Control of microstructure and magnetic properties of fept films with TiN intermediate layerDong, K.F.; Li, H.H.; Hu, J.F.; Peng, Y.G.; Ju, G.; Chow, G.M. ; Chen, J.S. 
30-Dec-2013Control of oxygen octahedral rotations and physical properties in SrRuO 3 filmsLu, W.; Yang, P. ; Song, W.D.; Chow, G.M. ; Chen, J.S. 
2013Control of the microstructure of FePt-SiNx -C (001) film by a nucleation layer grown on TiN intermediate layerLi, H.H.; Dong, K.F.; Chow, G.M. ; Chen, J.S. 
Mar-2012Critical Fe thickness for effective coercivity reduction in FePt/Fe exchange-coupled bilayerHuang, L.S.; Hu, J.F.; Chen, J.S. 
2003Crystallographic orientation control in L10 FePt films on CrRu underlayerChen, J.S. ; Lim, B.C.; Wang, J.P.