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2005AbstractHan, S.S. 
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2005Polycentric urban development and spatial clustering of condominium property values: Singapore in the 1990sHan, S.S. 
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1998Reflections on China's open policy towards foreign direct investmentHayter, R.; Han, S.S. 
2000Residential property management in China: A case study of Enjili, BeijingLim, L.Y. ; Han, S.S. 
2000Shanghai between state and market in urban transformationHan, S.S. 
2004Spatial structure of residential property-value distribution in Beijing and JakartaHan, S.S. 
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1999The geography of privatization in China, 1978-1996Sheng, S.H. ; Pannell, C.W.
2003The institutional structure of a property market in inland China: ChongqingHan, S.S. ; Wang, Y.
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2004WuhanHan, S.S. ; Wu, X.