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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2010Aligned alternating head-to-head and tail-to-tail domain walls in ferromagnetic concentric ringsJain, S. ; Adeyeye, A.O. 
5-Nov-2010Analysis of collective spin-wave modes at different points within the hysteresis loop of a one-dimensional magnonic crystal comprising alternative-width nanostripesTacchi, S.; Madami, M.; Gubbiotti, G.; Carlotti, G.; Goolaup, S. ; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Singh, N.; Kostylev, M.P.
2007Analysis of magnetoresistance contribution in ring-shaped ferromagnetic structuresWang, C.C. ; Jain, S. ; Adeyeye, A.O. 
Jun-2010Angular dependence of magnetic normal modes in NiFe antidot lattices with different lattice symmetryTacchi, S.; Madami, M.; Gubbiotti, G.; Carlotti, G.; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Neusser, S.; Botters, B.; Grundler, D.
10-Jun-2013Angular resonant absorption curves in magnetic nanowire arraysCimpoesu, D.; Ding, J.; Stoleriu, L.; Adeyeye, A. ; Stancu, A.; Spinu, L.
1-Dec-2010Anisotropic magnetostatic interactions in arrays of ellipsoidal shaped Ni80 Fe20 magnetsJain, S. ; Adeyeye, A.O. 
16-Sep-2011Band diagram of spin waves in a two-dimensional magnonic crystalTacchi, S.; Montoncello, F.; Madami, M.; Gubbiotti, G.; Carlotti, G.; Giovannini, L.; Zivieri, R.; Nizzoli, F.; Jain, S. ; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Singh, N.
5-Apr-2013Binary ferromagnetic nanostructures: Fabrication, static and dynamic propertiesDing, J.; Adeyeye, A.O. 
2010Brillouin light scattering studies of planar metallic magnonic crystalsGubbiotti, G.; Tacchi, S.; Madami, M.; Carlotti, G.; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Kostylev, M.
6-Feb-2012Broadband ferromagnetic resonance spectroscopy of permalloy triangular nanoringsDing, J.; Kostylev, M.; Adeyeye, A.O. 
Sep-2005Coercivity variation in Ni 80Fe 20 ferromagnetic nanowiresGoolaup, S. ; Singh, N.; Adeyeye, A.O. 
2011Collective spin modes in chains of dipolarly interacting rectangular magnetic dotsZivieri, R.; Montoncello, F.; Giovannini, L.; Nizzoli, F.; Tacchi, S.; Madami, M.; Gubbiotti, G.; Carlotti, G.; Adeyeye, A.O. 
2007Collective spin modes in monodimensional magnonic crystals consisting of dipolarly coupled nanowiresGubbiotti, G.; Tacchi, S.; Carlotti, G.; Singh, N.; Goolaup, S. ; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Kostylev, M.
16-Apr-2012Collective spin waves in a bicomponent two-dimensional magnonic crystalGubbiotti, G.; Tacchi, S.; Madami, M.; Carlotti, G.; Jain, S. ; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Kostylev, M.P.
12-Mar-2014Collective spin waves on a nanowire array with step-modulated thicknessGubbiotti, G.; Kostylev, M.; Tacchi, S.; Madami, M.; Carlotti, G.; Ding, J.; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Zighem, F.; Stashkevich, A.A.; Ivanov, E.; Samarin, S.
1-Jan-2012Comparative study of magnetization reversal process between rectangular and circular thin film ringsShimon, G.; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Ross, C.A.
7-Jan-2014Comparative study of the ferromagnetic resonance behavior of coupled rectangular and circular Ni 80 Fe 20 ringsShimon, G.; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Ross, C.A.
5-Oct-2009Configurational anisotropy and control of magnetic vortex chirality in arrays of circular Ni80 Fe20 nanoscale dotsJain, S. ; Ren, Y. ; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Singh, N.
7-Jan-2009Controlling the magnetization reversal in exchange-biased Co/CoO elongated nanoringsTripathy, D. ; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Singh, N.; Stamps, R.L.
Dec-2011Coplanar probe microwave current injection ferromagnetic resonance of magnetic nanostructuresChang, C.S.; Kostylev, M.; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Bailleul, M.; Samarin, S.