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2007Detection of smoke haze from vegetation fires using modis aerosol productsChia, A.S. ; Lim, K.H. ; Chew, B.N. ; Salinas, S.V. ; Liew, S.C. 
2001Development of a MODIS direct broadcast reception and processing systemLim, K.H. ; Kwoh, L.K. ; Chia, A.S. ; Liew, S.C. 
2002Hyperspectral land cover classification of EO-1 hyperion data by principal component analysis and pixel unmixingLiew, S.C. ; Chang, C.W. ; Lim, K.H. 
2011Implementation of a covariance-based principal component analysis algorithm with a CUDA-enabled graphics processing unitZhang, J.; Lim, K.H. 
2012Implmentation of a covariance-based principal component analysis algorithm for hyperspectral imaging applications with multi-threading in both CPU and GPUZhang, J.; Lim, K.H. 
2002Modeling the reflectance spectra of tropical coastal watersLiew, S.C. ; Chia, A.S. ; Lim, K.H. ; Kwoh, L.K. 
2008New extensometer to measure in vivo uniaxial mechanical properties of human skinLim, K.H. ; Chew, C.M. ; Chen, P.C.Y.; Jeyapalina, S.; Ho, H.N.; Rappel, J.K.; Lim, B.H. 
2008Non-invasive prediction of skin flap shrinkage: A new concept based on animal experimental evidenceLim, K.H. ; Chew, C.M. ; Chen, P.C.Y.; Teo, C.L. ; Jeyapalina, S.; Ho, H.N.; Lim, B.H. 
2011Preliminary results of the XSAT in-orbit IRIS calibration and validation campaignTan, W.J. ; Lim, K.H. ; Kwoh, L.K. 
2001Retrieval of chlorophyll absorption spectra from remote sensing reflectance of turbid coastal watersLiew, S.C. ; Lim, K.H. ; Kwoh, L.K. 
2002Retrieval of subpixel fire temperature and fire area in moderate resolution imaging spectrometerLim, A. ; Liew, S.C. ; Lim, K.H. ; Kwoh, L.K. 
2003Spatial Data Mining: Clustering of Hot Spots and Pattern RecognitionTay, S.C. ; Hsu, W. ; Lim, K.H. ; Yap, L.C.
2009Super-resolution for SPOT5 - Beyond supermodeLim, K.H. ; Kwoh, L.K. 
2002Web-based processing for remotely sensed dataTay, S.C. ; Lim, K.H.