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Apr-20093D Image stack reconstruction in liwe cell microscopf of drosophila muscles and its validationDu, T.; Wasser, M. 
2011Cell cycle phase classification in 3D in vivo microscopy of Drosophila embryogenesisDu, T.H.; Puah, W.C.; Wasser, M. 
30-Nov-2011Cell cycle phase classification in 3D in vivo microscopy of Drosophila embryogenesisDu, T.H.; Puah, W.C.; Wasser, M. 
6-Mar-2012Cyclin-dependent kinase 1 (Cdk1) is essential for cell division and suppression of DNA re-replication but not for liver regenerationDiril, M.K.; Ratnacaram, C.K.; Padmakumar, V.C.; Du, T.; Wasser, M. ; Coppola, V.; Tessarollo, L.; Kaldis, P.
15-Jul-2007EAST and Chromator control the destruction and remodeling of muscles during Drosophila metamorphosisWasser, M. ; Bte Osman, Z.; Chia, W. 
13-Nov-2012Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on Wound Healing in Mice in Relation to Oxidative DamageLoo, A.E.K.; Wong, Y.T.; Ho, R.; Wasser, M. ; Du, T.; Ng, W.T.; Halliwell, B.
2010Engineering a scaffold-free 3D tumor model for in vitro drug penetration studiesOng, S.-M.; Zhao, Z.; Arooz, T.; Zhao, D.; Zhang, S. ; van, Noort D.; Yu, H. ; Du, T.; Wasser, M. 
13-Jun-2011Gebiss: An ImageJ plugin for the specification of ground truth and the performance evaluation of 3d segmentation algorithmsKriston-Vizi, J.; Thong, N.W.; Poh, C.L.; Yee, K.C.; Ling, J.S.P.; Kraut, R.; Wasser, M. 
8-Aug-1997Inscuteable and staufen mediate asymmetric localization and segregation of prospero RNA during drosophila neuroblast cell divisionsLi, P. ; Yang, X. ; Wasser, M. ; Cai, Y. ; Chiat, W.
1-May-2003The Drosophila EAST protein associates with a nuclear remnant during mitosis and constrains chromosome mobilityWasser, M. ; Chia, W.
2000The EAST protien of Drosophila controls an expandable nuclear endoskeletonWasser, M. ; Chia, W. 
2-May-2007The extrachromosomal EAST protein of drosophila can associate with polytene chromosomes and regulate gene expressionWasser, M. ; Chia, W. 
Jan-2012Three-dimensional segmentation of nuclei and mitotic chromosomes for the study of cell divisions in live Drosophila embryosChinta, R.; Wasser, M. 
Jul-2011TLM-converter: Reorganization of long time-lapse microscopy datasets for downstream image analysisPuah, W.C.; Cheok, L.P.; Biro, M.; Ng, W.T.; Wasser, M.