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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A Bi-level programming approach to optimizing a logistic distribution network with balanced workloadLiu, N.; Huang, B. ; Lee, D.-H. 
Jun-2003An object model with parametric polymorphism for dynamic segmentationHuang, B. 
2002AVTOP: A full integration of TOPMODEL into GISHuang, B. ; Jiang, B.
2004Bilevel programming approach to optimizing a logistic distribution network with balancing requirementsHuang, B. ; Liu, N.
2004Developing location-aware navigation guides that use mobile geographic information systemsHuang, B. ; Li, H.
Dec-2004GIS and genetic algorithms for HAZMAT route planning with security considerationsHuang, B. ; Cheu, R.L. ; Liew, Y.S.
2004GIS-based model for incident response units dispatchingHuang, B. ; Cheu, R.L.; Pan, X.
2004ITQS: An integrated transport query systemHuang, B. ; HUANG ZHIYONG ; Li, H.; Lin, D.; Lu, H. ; Song, Y.
2004Pavement-distress data collection system based on mobile geographic information systemHuang, B. ; Fwa, T.F. ; Chan, W.T. 
2004Real-time environmental visualization with Web3DHuang, B. ; Li, H.; Chandramouli, M.
1-Oct-2004Spatio-temporal information integration in XMLHuang, B. ; Yi, S. ; Chan, W.T. 
2003Spatiotemporal Object Database Approach to Dynamic SegmentationHuang, B. ; Yao, L.
2004Visualizing massive terrain with transportation infrastructure by using continuous level of detailHuang, B. ; Li, H.; Huang, X.
Nov-2003Web-based dynamic and interactive environmental visualizationHuang, B. 
6-Jan-2005XML application schema matching using similarity measure and relaxation labelingYi, S. ; Huang, B. ; Chan, W.T.