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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2010Assessment of Fiscal Intervention Measures: Perspectives from Environment MacroeconomicsTan, Seck Leng ; Thampapillai, Jesuthason 
27-Apr-2015Display of factor - Utilization in Central AsiaThampapillai, Jesuthason ; Chen Jie, Yvonne; Bacani, Christopher Ivo; Baris, Omer
Nov-2012Entropy and Assimillative Capacity and a Revised TheoryThampapillai, Jesuthason 
2008Environmental capacity constraints in macroeconomic policy analysisThampapillai, D.J. 
25-Oct-2013Environmental Taxation for a Sustainable Future : Perspectives from Environmental MacroeconomicsTan, Seck Leng ; Thampapillai, Jesuthason 
24-Aug-2013Frameworks for Formulating Environmental and Climate Change Policies: Perspectives from Environmental-MacroeconomicsTan, Seck Leng ; Thampapillai, Jesuthason 
13-Sep-2014Lessons from Science: Need for a Rethink of Concepts in EconomicsThampapillai, Jesuthason 
Nov-2010Macroeconomics vs Environmental-MarcoeconomicsThampapillai, Jesuthason 
2010Perfect competition and sustainability: A brief noteThampapillai, D.J. 
Aug-2014Resource rent taxes and sustainable development: A Mongolian case studyThampapillai, Jesuthason ; Hansen, Jan; Aigerim, Bolat 
Jun-2011The Economic Valuation of Urban Ecosystem ServicesThampapillai, Jesuthason 
5-Sep-2014The Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 - S23AG and Double Tax Avoidance AgreementsThampapillai, Jesuthason 
5-Sep-2014The Need for a Serious Rethink on EconomicsThampapillai, Jesuthason 
11-Apr-2015The stock size of nature capitalThampapillai, Jesuthason 
2005Towards a conceptual framework in unitary economics: An extension of a proposition after John O'BrienThampapillai, D.J. ; Ohlmer, B.; Lim, B.T. 
2000Willingness to pay and willingness to accept: A simple conceptual expositionThampapillai, D.J.