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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2001A data-adaptive knot selection scheme for fitting splinesHe, X.; Shen, L. ; Shen, Z. 
Sep-2007A framelet algorithm for enhancing video stillsChan, R.H.; Shen, Z. ; Xia, T. 
Mar-2008A framelet-based image inpainting algorithmCai, J.-F.; Chan, R.H.; Shen, Z. 
2005A hybrid motion compensated 3-D video coding system for blocking artifacts reductionCheng, C.-C.; Hwang, W.-L.; Shen, Z. ; Xia, T. 
2010A new multiscale representation for shapes and its application to blood vessel recoveryDong, B.; Chien, A.; Shen, Z. ; Osher, S.
Aug-2007A pair of orthogonal framesKim, H.O.; Kim, R.Y.; Lim, J.K.; Shen, Z. 
2010A singular value thresholding algorithm for matrix completionCai, J.F.; Candès, E.J.; Shen, Z. 
2001A wavelet method for high-resolution image reconstruction with displacement errorsChan, R.H.; Chan, T.F.; Shen, L. ; Shen, Z. 
2013Adaptive low rank and sparse decomposition of video using compressive sensingYang, F.; Jiang, H.; Shen, Z. ; Deng, W.; Metaxas, D.
2011Adaptive multiresolution analysis structures and shearlet systemsHan, B.; Kutyniok, G.; Shen, Z. 
2005Advanced motion compensation techniques for blocking artifacts reduction in 3-D video coding systemsCheng, C.-C.; Hwang, W.-L.; Shen, Z. ; Xia, T. 
1997Affine Systems in L2(ℝd) II: Dual SystemsRon, A.; Shen, Z. 
15-Aug-1997Affine systems inL2(Rd): The analysis of the analysis operatorRon, A.; Shen, Z. 
2011An accelerated proximal gradient algorithm for frame-based image restoration via the balanced approachShen, Z. ; Toh, K.-C. ; Yun, S.
Apr-2007An adaptive time-frequency representation and its fast implementationLiu, B.; Riemenschneider, S.; Shen, Z. 
Apr-1996An algorithm for matrix extension and wavelet constructionLawton, W. ; Lee, S.L. ; Shen, Z. 
Sep-2011Approximation of frame based missing data recoveryCai, J.-F.; Shen, Z. ; Ye, G.-B.
2009Blind motion deblurring from a single image using sparse approximationCai, J.-F. ; Ji, H. ; Liu, C. ; Shen, Z. 
1-Aug-2009Blind motion deblurring using multiple imagesCai, J.-F. ; Ji, H. ; Liu, C. ; Shen, Z. 
Jan-1995Characterization of compactly supported refinable splinesLawton, W. ; Lee, S.L. ; Shen, Z.