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1-Nov-2020Catalysts for the Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to MethanolLOW QI HANG ; YEO BOON SIANG,JASON 
2018Crystal structure and surface characteristics of Sr-doped GdBaCo 2 O6-: ? double perovskites: Oxygen evolution reaction and conductivityPramana, S.S; Cavallaro, A; Li, C; Handoko, A.D ; Chan, K.W; Walker, R.J; Regoutz, A; Herrin, J.S; Yeo, B.S ; Payne, D.J; Kilner, J.A; Ryan, M.P; Skinner, S.J
2015Efficient hydrogen evolution reaction catalyzed by molybdenum carbide and molybdenum nitride nanocatalysts synthesized via the urea glass routeMa Liang ; Ting Rui Ling Louisa ; Molinari Valerio; Giordano Cristina; Yeo Boon Siang 
15-May-2021How symmetry factors cause potential- and facet-dependent pathway shifts during CO2 reduction to CH4 on Cu electrodesRendón-Calle, A; LOW QI HANG ; Hong, S.H.L.; Builes, S; YEO BOON SIANG,JASON ; Calle-Vallejo, F
2017Interface confined hydrogen evolution reaction in zero valent metal nanoparticles-intercalated molybdenum disulfideChen Z. ; Leng K. ; Zhao X. ; Malkhandi S. ; Tang W. ; Tian B. ; Dong L.; Zheng L.; Lin M.; Yeo B.S. ; Loh K.P. 
2015Selective Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Ethylene and Ethanol on Copper(I) oxide catalystsRen, Dan; Deng, Yilin; Handoko, Albertus Denny ; Chen, Chung Shou ; SOURADIP MALKHANDI ; Yeo, Boon Siang 
2018The effects of currents and potentials on the selectivities of copper toward carbon dioxide electroreductionRen, D; Fong, J; Yeo, B.S