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Jun-2012Acute hypoxia induces apoptosis of pancreatic β-cell by activation of the unfolded protein response and upregulation of CHOPZheng, X.; Zheng, X.; Wang, X.; Ma, Z.; Gupta Sunkari, V.; Botusan, I.; Takeda, T.; Björklund, A.; Inoue, M.; Catrina, S.-B.; Brismar, K.; Poellinger, L. ; Pereira, T.S.
22-Jan-2010Complex regulation of the transactivation function of hypoxia-inducible factor-1αby direct interaction with two distinct domains of the creb-binding protein/p300Ruas, J.L.; Berchner-Pfannschmidt, U.; Malik, S.; Gradin, K.; Fandrey, J.; Roeder, R.G.; Pereira, T.; Poellinger, L. 
Jul-2012Dual inhibition of Src and GSK3 maintains mouse embryonic stem cells, whose differentiation is mechanically regulated by Src signalingShimizu, T.; Ueda, J. ; Ho, J.C.; Iwasaki, K.; Poellinger, L. ; Harada, I.; Sawada, Y.
6-Feb-2014Efficient endoderm induction from human pluripotent stem cells by logically directing signals controlling lineage bifurcationsLoh, K.M.; Ang, L.T.; Zhang, J.; Kumar, V.; Ang, J.; Auyeong, J.Q.; Lee, K.L. ; Choo, S.H.; Lim, C.Y.Y.; Nichane, M.; Tan, J.; Noghabi, M.S.; Azzola, L.; Ng, E.S.; Durruthy-Durruthy, J.; Sebastiano, V.; Poellinger, L. ; Elefanty, A.G.; Stanley, E.G.; Chen, Q.; Prabhakar, S.; Weissman, I.L.; Lim, B.
Dec-2009Generating specificity and diversity in the transcriptional response to hypoxiaLendahl, U.; Lee, K.L. ; Yang, H.; Poellinger, L. 
Jun-2011Graded Nodal/Activin signaling titrates conversion of quantitative phospho-Smad2 levels into qualitative embryonic stem cell fate decisionsLee, K.L. ; Lim, S.K. ; Orlov, Y.L.; Yit, L.Y.; Yang, H.; Ang, L.T.; Poellinger, L. ; Lim, B.
Feb-2010Heparan sulfation-dependent fibroblast growth factor signaling maintains embryonic stem cells primed for differentiation in a heterogeneous stateLanner, F.; Lee, K.L. ; Sohl, M.; Holmborn, K.; Yang, H.; Wilbertz, J.; Poellinger, L. ; Rossant, J.; Farnebo, F.
18-Feb-2014Hypoxia-induced and calpain-dependent cleavage of filamin A regulates the hypoxic responseZheng, X.; Zhou, A.-X.; Rouhi, P.; Uramoto, H.; Borén, J.; Cao, Y.; Pereira, T.; Akyürek, L.M.; Poellinger, L. 
1-May-2013Hypoxia-induced arterial differentiation requires adrenomedullin and notch signalingLanner, F.; Lee, K.L. ; Ortega, G.C.; Sohl, M.; Li, X.; Jin, S.; Hansson, E.M.; Claesson-Welsh, L.; Poellinger, L. ; Lendahl, U.; Farnebo, F.
May-2010Interactions between Notch- and hypoxia-induced transcriptomes in embryonic stem cellsMain, H.; Lee, K.L. ; Yang, H.; Haapa-Paananen, S.; Edgren, H.; Jin, S.; Sahlgren, C.; Kallioniemi, O.; Poellinger, L. ; Lim, B.; Lendahl, U.
3-May-2012Non-canonical HIF-2α function drives autonomous breast cancer cell growth via an AREG-EGFR/ErbB4 autocrine loopStiehl, D.P.; Bordoli, M.R.; Abreu-Rodríguez, I.; Wollenick, K.; Schraml, P.; Gradin, K.; Poellinger, L. ; Kristiansen, G.; Wenger, R.H.
10-Oct-2013Non-canonical Notch signaling activates IL-6/JAK/STAT signaling in breast tumor cells and is controlled by p53 and IKKα/IKKβJin, S.; Mutvei, A.P.; Chivukula, I.V.; Andersson, E.R.; Ramsköld, D.; Sandberg, R.; Lee, K.L. ; Kronqvist, P.; Mamaeva, V.; Östling, P.; Mpindi, J.-P.; Kallioniemi, O.; Screpanti, I.; Poellinger, L. ; Sahlgren, C.; Lendahl, U.
1-Oct-2013PIAS4 is an activator of hypoxia signalling via VHL suppression during growth of pancreatic cancer cellsChien, W. ; Lee, K.L. ; Ding, L.W. ; Wuensche, P.; Kato, H.; Doan, N.B.; Poellinger, L. ; Said, J.W.; Koeffler, H.P.
11-Mar-2014Regulation of CDKN2B expression by interaction of Arnt with Miz-1 - a basis for functional integration between the HIF and Myc gene regulatory pathwaysAesoy, R.; Gradin, K.; Aasrud, K.S.; Hoivik, E.A.; Ruas, J.L.; Poellinger, L. ; Bakke, M.
15-Nov-2013The Krüppel-like zinc finger transcription factor, GLI-similar 1, is regulated by hypoxia-inducible factors via non-canonical mechanismsKhalesi, E.; Nakamura, H.; Lee, K.L. ; Putra, A.C.; Fukazawa, T.; Kawahara, Y.; Makino, Y.; Poellinger, L. ; Yuge, L.; Tanimoto, K.
Dec-2012Xenobiotics and loss of cell adhesion drive distinct transcriptional outcomes by aryl hydrocarbon receptor signalingHao, N.; Lee, K.L. ; Furness, S.G.B.; Bosdotter, C.; Poellinger, L. ; Whitelaw, M.L.