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1995Effect of facilitation on change in perception in GDSS sessionsEng, Jo 
1999Effects of facilitation and leadership on meeting outcomes in a group support system environmentTan, B.C.Y. ; Wei, K.-K. ; Lee-Partridge, J.-E. 
2001Enacting and Reproducing Social and Individual Identity through MediationChia, H.-B. ; Chong, C.-L. ; Lee-Partridge, J.-E. ; Hwee, C.C.S.; Wei-Fei, S.F.K. 
Feb-1999Equivocality in group performance research for computer-based learning : issues of measurement, unit of analysis and level of analysisLee-Partridge, Joo Eng ; Chong, Chee-Leong ; Chia, Ho-Beng 
1993Exploring modes of facilitative support for GDSS technologyDickson, G.W.; Partridge, J.-E.L. ; Robinson, L.H.
1996Facilitating computer-supported meetings: A cumulative analysis in a multiple-criteria task environmentDickson, G.W.; Lee-Partridge, J.E. ; Limayem, M.; Desanctis, G.L.
May-1999Focus group study as a qualitative method for information systems researchLaw, David Yuh Foong ; LEE-PARTRIDGE,JOO ENG 
May-1999Knowledge management issues in SingaporeLaw, David Yuh Foong ; LEE-PARTRIDGE,JOO ENG 
Jul-1998Spreadsheet error detection : an experimental studyTeo, Thompson S H. ; Lee, Partridge Joo Eng 
Jan-1996Technological frames and end-user computingShaw, Nancy C.; Ang, James S. K. ; Lee-Partridge, Joo Eng 
Mar-1996The importance of computer-based information and computers to managers in the Singapore civil serviceLee-Partridge, Joo Eng ; Chan, Tom