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1-Jun-2004FePt and Fe nanocomposite by annealing self-assembled FePt nanoparticlesLu, M.H. ; Song, T.; Zhou, T.J.; Wang, J.P.; Piramanayagam, S.N. ; Ma, W.W.; Gong, H. 
11-Jul-2007Labelling of silica microspheres with fluorescent lanthanide-doped LaF 3 nanocrystalsZhang, Y. ; Lu, M. 
14-Aug-2012Method of patterning and product(s) obtained therefromZHANG, YONG ; LU, MEIHUA 
4-Dec-2006Microbead patterning on porous films with ordered arrays of poresLu, M.H. ; Zhang, Y. 
Aug-2006Nanoparticle composites: FePt with wide-band-gap semiconductorLu, M. ; Gong, H. ; Song, T.; Wang, J.-P.; Zhang, H.-W.; Zhou, T.J.
13-Sep-2006Preparation of porous materials with ordered hole structureHoa, M.L.K.; Lu, M. ; Zhang, Y. 
5-Mar-2012Reversible lithium-ion storage in silver-treated nanoscale hollow porous silicon particlesChen, D.; Mei, X.; Ji, G.; Lu, M. ; Xie, J. ; Lu, J.; Lee, J.Y. 
2007Shape-controlled synthesis of zinc oxide: A simple method for the preparation of metal oxide nanocrystals in non-aqueous mediumZhang, Z. ; Lu, M. ; Xu, H. ; Chin, W.-S. 
19-Jan-2010Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional FePt/ ZnO core/Shell nanoparticlesZhou, T.; Lu, M. ; Zhang, Z.; Gong, H. ; Chin, W.S.; Liu, B.
Jan-2014Synthesis, characterization and hard ferromagnetism in FePt/ZnO nanocomposites with ultra-small sizeZhou, T.J.; Lu, M. ; Shen, L. ; Wee, R.Q.; Gong, H. ; Cher, K.M.; Ko, H.Y.Y.; Yuan, Z.; Liu, B.; Feng, Y.P.