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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A transitional institution for the emerging land market in urban ChinaZhu, J. 
2009Anne Haila's 'The market as the new emperor'Zhu, J. 
Dec-2013Clarification of collective land rights and its impact on non-agricultural land use in the Pearl River Delta of China: A case of ShundeTian, L.; Zhu, J. 
2001Commercial real estate capital in the restructuring of downtown BaltimoreZhu, J. 
1996Denationalization of urban physical development: The experement in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, ChinaZhu, J. 
2012Development of sustainable urban forms for high-density low-income Asian countries: The case of Vietnam. The institutional hindrance of the commons and anticommonsZhu, J. 
2009Disordered land-rent competition in China's periurbanization: Case study of Beiqijia Township, BeijingZhu, J. ; Hu, T.
2015Formal land rights versus informal land rights: Governance for sustainable urbanization in the Jakarta metropolitan region, IndonesiaZhu Jieming ; Simarmata H.A.
2014Fragmented Peri-urbanisation Led by Autonomous Village Development under Informal Institution in High-density Regions: The Case of Nanhai, ChinaZhu, J. ; Guo, Y.
2004From land use right to land development right: Institutional change in China's urban developmentZhu, J. 
2006Global real estate investments and local cultural capital in the making of Shanghai's new office locationsZhu, J. ; Sim, L.L. ; Zhang, X.Q. 
2013Governance over land development during rapid urbanization under institutional uncertainty, with reference to periurbanization in Guangzhou metropolitan region, ChinaZhu, J. 
2002Industrial globalisation and its impact on Singapore's industrial landscapeZhu, J. 
2000Industrial property and structural change of manufacturing: A relative-cost analysisZhu, J. 
2004Local developmental state and order in China's urban development during transitionZhu, J. 
1999Local growth coalition: The context and implications of China's gradualist urban land reformsZhu, J. 
2007Place remaking under property rights regimes: A case study of Niucheshui, SingaporeZhu, J. ; Sim, L.-L. ; Liu, X.
2015Rural development led by autonomous village land cooperatives: Its impact on sustainable China�s urbanisation in high-density regionsZhu, Jieming ; Guo, Yan
1997The effectiveness of public intervention in the property marketZhu, J. 
1999The formation of a market-oriented local property development industry in transitional China: A Shenzhen case studyZhu, J.