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Sep-2004Artificial neural network model for material characterization by indentationTho, K.K. ; Swaddiwudhipong, S. ; Liu, Z.S.; Hua, J. 
14-Nov-2005C0 solid elements for materials with strain gradient effectsSwaddiwudhipong, S. ; Hua, J. ; Tho, K.K. ; Liu, Z.S.
1999Electrical capacitance tomography measurements of gravity-driven granular flowsHua, J. ; Wang, C.-H. 
1-Jan-2006Equivalency of Berkovich and conical load-indentation curvesSwaddiwudhipong, S. ; Hua, J. ; Tho, K.K. ; Liu, Z.S.
1-Oct-2006Finite element modelling for materials with size effectSwaddiwudhipong, S. ; Hua, J. ; Tho, K.K. ; Liu, Z.S.
1-Dec-2006Improved algorithm for material characterization by simulated indentation testsSwaddiwudhipong, S. ; Hua, J. ; Harsono, E.; Liu, Z.S.; Ooi, N.S.B.
1-Sep-2005Material characterization via least squares support vector machinesSwaddiwudhipong, S. ; Tho, K.K. ; Liu, Z.S.; Hua, J. ; Ooi, N.S.B.
Mar-2006Mechanism-based strain gradient plasticity in C0 axisymmetric elementSwaddiwudhipong, S. ; Tho, K.K. ; Hua, J. ; Liu, Z.S.
15-Sep-2005Modeling nano-indentation tests of glassy polymers using finite elements with strain gradient plasticitySwaddiwudhipong, S. ; Poh, L.H.; Hua, J. ; Liu, Z.S.; Tho, K.K. 
Sep-2007Modelling of wind load on single and staggered dual buildingsSwaddiwudhipong, S. ; Anh, T.T.T.; Liu, Z.S.; Hua, J. 
20-May-2005Numerical analysis of nonlinear rotor-seal systemHua, J. ; Swaddiwudhipong, S. ; Liu, Z.S.; Xu, Q.Y.
2000Numerical simulation of bubble-driven liquid flowsHua, J. ; Wang, C.-H. 
2000Numerical simulation of bubble-driven liquid flowsHua, J. ; Wang, C.-H. 
15-Apr-2006Numerical simulation of indentation with size effectTho, K.K. ; Swaddiwudhipong, S. ; Hua, J. ; Liu, Z.S.
Jun-2008Reverse analysis via efficient artificial neural networks based on simulated Berkovich indentation considering effects of frictionSwaddiwudhipong, S. ; Harsono, E.; Hua, J. ; Liu, Z.S.
10-Jul-2005Transient energy flow in ship plate and shell structures under low velocity impactLiu, Z.S.; Swaddiwudhipong, S. ; Lu, C.; Hua, J. 
Aug-2004Uniqueness of reverse analysis from conical indentation testsTho, K.K. ; Swaddiwudhipong, S. ; Liu, Z.S.; Zeng, K.; Hua, J.