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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A case of myocardial infarction complicating Kawasaki diseaseLow, A.F.; Quek, S.C. ; Yip, J.
2000A case report on the perinatal management of a 30-week preterm baby with congenital complete heart blockQuek, S.C. ; Low, K.T.; Sim, E.K.W. ; Joseph, R. 
2001A case series of six children with primary pulmonary hypertensionQuek, S.C. ; Yip, C.L.; Wong, M.L. ; Chan, K.Y.; Wong, C.L.
2005A surgically correctable cause of dilated cardiomyopathy in infancyQuek, S.C. ; Yip, W.C.L. ; Hia, C.P.P.
2000Abdominal coarctation and Alagille syndrome.Quek, S.C. ; Tan, L.; Quek, S.T.; Yip, W. ; Aw, M.; Quak, S.H. 
1999Abnormal Electrocardiographic Patterns in Renal FailureQuek, S.C. ; Murugasu, B. ; Yap, H.K. 
2004Aspirin, Reye syndrome, Kawasaki disease, and allergies; a reconsideration of the linksVan, Bever H.P. ; Quek, S.C. ; Lim, T.
1999Bidirectional cavopulmonary anastomosisWong, M.L. ; Quek, S.C. ; Wong, J.C.L. ; Sim, E.K.W. ; Goh, J.J.; Yip, W.C.L.; Lee, C.N.
2009Bilateral facial nerve palsy in Kawasaki diseaseLim, T.C.W.; Yeo, W.S.; Loke, K.Y. ; Quek, S.C. 
1998Cardiac Dysrrhthmia in Systemic DiseaseQuek, S.C. ; Low, P.S. ; Ng, K.S.
1998Cardiac manifestations in tuberous sclerosis: A 10-year reviewQuek, S.C. ; Yip, W. ; Wong, M.L. ; Low, P.S. ; Quek, S.T.; Chang, S.K.
2010Chikungunya mimicking atypical kawasaki disease in an infantLee, Y.S. ; Quek, S.C. ; Koay, E.S.C. ; Tang, J.W.-T.
2003Childhood SARS in Singapore [1]Van, Bever H. ; Hia, C.; Swee, Chye Q. 
Dec-2006Clinical report: A case of Williams syndrome and Klinefelter syndromeLe, Y.L.; Swee, C.Q. ; Chong, S.S. ; Tan, A.S.C.; Lum, J.M.S.; Goh, D.L.-M. 
2007Cor triatriatum and partial atrioventricular septal defectLim, C.W.T.; Yip, W.C.L. ; Quek, S.C. 
1993Cystic fibrosisQuek, S.C. ; Chong, A.; Quek, S.T.; Connett, G. 
1994Day care and asthma morbidityConnett, G.J. ; Connett, C.J.; Quek, S.C. ; Lee, B.W. 
1994Effects of an acaricide on asthmatic children with house dust mite allergy.Quek, S.C. ; Chong, A.; Connett, G.J. ; Lee, B.W. 
1999Electrocardiographic case - "Abnormal rhythm" in a normal heartQuek, S.C. ; Ng, K.S.
1999Electrocardiographic case - The position of the heart on ECGQuek, S.C. ; Low, P.S.