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Jun-2010Atypical cellular unguioblastic fibroma - A rare case with more atypical histological features than previously reportedPetersson, F.; Tang, A.L.Y.; Jin, A.C.E.; Barr, R.J.; Lee, V.K. 
2014Can There be a Place for Intraoperative Salvaged Blood in Spine Tumor Surgery?Kumar, N. ; Ahmed, Q.; Lee, V.K.M. ; Chen, Y.; Zaw, A.S.; Goy, R. ; Agrawal, R.V.; Dhewar, A.N.; Wong, H.K. 
1-May-2019Epigenetic Regulation of the PTEN-AKT-RAC1 Axis by G9a Is Critical for Tumor Growth in Alveolar RhabdomyosarcomaBhat, AV ; Palanichamy Kala, M ; Rao, VK ; Pignata, L; Lim, HJ; Suriyamurthy, S ; Chang, KT ; Lee, VK ; Guccione, E ; Taneja, R 
1-Sep-2009Expression of EBV latent antigens, mammalian target of rapamycin, and tumor suppression genes in EBV-positive smooth muscle tumors: Clinical and therapeutic implicationsOng, K.W.; Teo, M.; Lee, V. ; Ong, D.; Lee, A.; Chieh, S.T.; Vathsala, A. ; Toh, H.C. 
1-Nov-2016P/CAF mediates PAX3–FOXO1-dependent oncogenesis in alveolar rhabdomyosarcomaBharathy, Narendra; Suriyamurthy, Sudha; Rao, Vinay Kumar; Ow, Jin Rong; Lim, Huey Jin; Chakraborty, Payal; Vasudevan, Madavan; Dhamne, Chetan Anil; Chang, Kenneth Tou En; VICTOR LEE KWAN MIN ; Kundu, Tapas K; RESHMA TANEJA 
2008The relevance of molecular diagnostics in the practice of surgical pathologyNg, S.-B. ; Lee, V. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Das, K.