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Oct-2012Awareness is necessary for extracting patterns in working memory but not for directing spatial attentionHsieh, P.-J. ; Colas, J.T.
2010BOLD signal in both ipsilateral and contralateral retinotopic cortex modulates with perceptual fadingHsieh P.-J. ; Tse P.U.
15-Oct-2012Data-driven functional clustering reveals dominance of face, place, and body selectivity in the ventral visual pathwayVul, E.; Lashkari, D.; Hsieh, P.-J. ; Golland, P.; Kanwisher, N.
2009Microsaccade rate varies with subjective visibility during motion-induced blindnessHsieh P.-J. ; Tse P.U.
Apr-2012Perceptual fading without retinal adaptationHsieh, P. ; Colas, J.T.
Sep-2011Pop-out without awareness: Unseen feature singletons capture attention only when top-down attention is availableHsieh, P.-J. ; Colas, J.T.; Kanwisher, N.
Jul-2014Pre-existing brain states predict aesthetic judgmentsColas, J.T.; Hsieh, P.-J. 
Mar-2012Pre-stimulus pattern of activity in the fusiform face area predicts face percepts during binocular rivalryHsieh, P.-J. ; Colas, J.T.; Kanwisher, N.G.
2017Separate requirements for detection and perceptual stability of motion in interocular suppressionAnanyev, E ; Penney, T.B ; Hsieh, P.-J.B 
15-Jun-2012Spatial pattern of BOLD fMRI activation reveals cross-modal information in auditory cortexHsieh, P.-J. ; Colas, J.T.; Kanwisher, N.
Jan-2012The 'correlates' in neural correlates of consciousnessDe Graaf, T.A.; Hsieh, P.-J. ; Sack, A.T.
8-Oct-2013The mere exposure effect is modulated by selective attention but not visual awarenessHuang, Y.-F.; Hsieh, P.-J. 
2016Unconscious processing of facial attractiveness: Invisible attractive faces orient visual attentionHung, S.-M ; Nieh, C.-H; Hsieh, P.-J