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Mar-1998Analysis of singapore marine sediments by PIXETang, S.M. ; Orlic, I. ; Wu, X.K. 
1998Approximate case-based learning for object recognition by recallDing, L. ; Wu, J. 
1997Benchmarking Multimedia DatabasesNarasimhalu, A.D. ; Kankanhalli, M.S. ; Wu, J. 
Apr-1996Cluster-based color matching for image retrievalKankanhalli, M.S. ; Mehtre, B.M. ; Wu, J.K. 
Nov-1997Content-based indexing of multimedia databasesWu, Jian-Kang 
1996Content-based retrieval for trademark registrationWu, J.K. 
1995Content-based retrieval using fuzzy interactive and competitive neural networksSenthilkumar, G.; Wu, Jiankang 
Feb-1995CORE: a content-based retrieval engine for multimedia information systemsWu, J.K. ; Narasimhalu, A.D. ; Mehtre, B.M. ; Lam, C.P. ; Gao, Y.J. 
1995Evaluation of feature measures and similarity measures for content-based retrievalWu, Jiankang ; Lam, Chianprong ; Senthilkumar, G.
1993Facial image retrieval, identification, and inference systemWu, J.K. ; Ang, Y.H. ; Lam, P.C. ; Moorthy, S.K.; Narasimhalu, A.D. 
1997Formalism for content-based retrieval multimedia systemsWu, Jian Kang 
Sep-1998Fuzzy content-based retrieval in image databasesWu, J.K. ; Narasimhalu, A.D. 
Jun-1994Identifying faces using multiple retrievalsWu, Jian Kang ; Narasimhalu, Arcot Desai 
Jun-1994Inference and retrieval of facial imagesWu, J.K. ; Ang, Y.H. ; Lam, P. ; Loh, H.H. ; Narasimhalu, A.D. 
1996Recognition by recallWu, J.K. 
1997Recognition by recall - a new paradigm for object recognitionWu, Jian Kang 
1993Remote sensed image classification using multi-perspective neural networksWu, Jian Kang ; Takagi, M.
Apr-1997Towards a semantic image database systemYang, L. ; Wu, J.