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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Nov-20122 × 2 random matrix ensembles with reduced symmetry: From Hermitian to PT-symmetric matricesGong, J. ; Wang, Q.-H. 
Nov-2010A special section on chaos and transport at the nanoscaleGong, J. ; Xie, J.R.H.
4-Jan-2008Adiabatic quantum transport in a spin chain with a moving potentialBalachandran, V.; Gong, J. 
1-Apr-2009All-optical imprinting of geometric phases onto matter wavesZhang, Q. ; Gong, J. ; Oh, C.H. 
30-Jan-2013Amplification and suppression of system-bath-correlation effects in an open many-body systemChaudhry, A.Z.; Gong, J. 
12-Dec-2013Boosting work characteristics and overall heat-engine performance via shortcuts to adiabaticity: Quantum and classical systemsDeng, J.; Wang, Q.-H. ; Liu, Z.; Hänggi, P. ; Gong, J. 
17-Jun-2009Butterfly floquet spectrum in driven SU(2) systemsWang, J. ; Gong, J. 
16-Jun-2009Chaos and correspondence in classical and quantum Hamiltonian ratchets: A Heisenberg approachPelc, J.; Gong, J. ; Brumer, P.
22-Sep-2008Conductance properties of rough quantum wires with colored surface disorderAkguc, G.B. ; Gong, J. 
Jun-2010Control of tripod-scheme cold-atom wavepackets by manipulating a non-Abelian vector potentialZhang, Q. ; Gong, J. ; Oh, C.H. 
5-Jan-2009Controlled measurement processes: Simple spin-chain model of controlled quantum-state amplificationBalachandran, V.; Gong, J. 
23-Mar-2007Controlled quantum-state transfer in a spin chainGong, J. ; Brumer, P.
27-Oct-2008Controlling the population imbalance of a Bose-Einstein condensate by a symmetry-breaking driving fieldMorales-Molina, L. ; Gong, J. 
31-Jan-2008Controlling the ratchet effect for cold atomsKenfack, A.; Gong, J. ; Pattanayak, A.K.
Oct-2011Converting Zitterbewegung oscillation to directed motionZhang, Q. ; Gong, J.B. ; Oh, C.H. 
18-Jan-2012Decoherence control: Universal protection of two-qubit states and two-qubit gates using continuous driving fieldsChaudhry, A.Z.; Gong, J. 
31-Jan-2014Decoherence induced by a composite environmentChaudhry, A.Z.; Gong, J. 
7-Mar-2007Dissipationless directed transport in rocked single-band quantum dynamicsGong, J. ; Poletti, D.; Hanggi, P. 
14-Dec-2013Double Rabi model in the ultra-strong coupling regime: Entanglement and chaos beyond the rotating wave approximationTeo, Y.S.; Gong, J. 
12-Feb-2010Driven dirac-like equation via mirror oscillation: Controlled cold-atom ZitterbewegungZhang, Q. ; Gong, J. ; Oh, C.H.