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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001A case study of the behaviour of a vertical seawallTan, T.-S. ; Leong, P.-L.; Yong, K.-Y.; Kamata, R.; Wei, J.; Chua, K.-C.; Loh, Y.-H.
Mar-2003A comparative study of suction-induced seepage consolidation versus centrifuge consolidationRobinson, R.G. ; Tan, T.S. ; Lee, F.H. 
2012Accelerated testing of cement treated singapore marine clay cured under elevated temperatureLu, Y.T.; Tan, T.S. ; Phoon, K.K. 
Oct-1990An analytical model for far-field response spectra with soil amplification effectsBalendra, T. ; Tan, T.S. ; Lee, S.L. 
Jan-1998An experimental study on bleeding and channelling of cement paste and mortarLoh, C.-K.; Tan, T.-S. ; Yong, K.-Y. ; Wee, T.-H. 
Jun-1990Automated measurement of slurry surface settlementTan, Siew-Ann ; Tan, Thiam-Soon ; Kee, Ming Liang 
2012Bulk thermal conductivity of stable and dissolved methane hydrate-bearing zonesFalser, S.; Loh, M.; Palmer, A. ; Tan, T.S. 
Jul-2004Closure to "Discussion of 'a comparative study of suction-induced seepage consolidation versus centrifuge consolidation' by Patrick J. Fox" by R. G. Robinson, T. S. Tan, and F. H. LeeRobinson, R.G.; Tan, T.S. ; Lee, F.H. 
Nov-2004Contribution of fines to the compressive strength of mixed soilsNi, Q. ; Tan, T.S. ; Dasari, G.R. ; Hight, D.W.
2006Deep excavations in Singapore marine clayShirlaw, J.N.; Tan, T.S. ; Wong, K.S.
Dec-1988Determination of consolidation properties for very soft clayTan, Siew-Ann ; Tan, Thiam-Soon ; Ting, Lai Choon ; Yong, Kwet-Yew ; Karunaratne, G.-P. ; Lee, Seng-Lip 
Jul-2005Development of a Web-GIS based geotechnical information systemKunapo, J. ; Dasari, G.R.; Phoon, K.-K. ; Tan, T.-S. 
18-Oct-2012Dissociation of fresh- and seawater hydrates along the phase boundaries between 2.3 and 17 MPaLoh, M.; Falser, S.; Babu, P.; Linga, P. ; Palmer, A. ; Tan, T.S. 
2011Early-age strength characteristics of cement stabilized Singapore marine clay at high water contentLu, Y.T.; Tan, T.S. ; Phoon, K.K. 
Nov-2002Effect of sampling disturbance on properties of Singapore clayTan, T.-S. ; Lee, F.-H. ; Chong, P.-T. ; Tanaka, H.
Feb-2008Effect of soil microstructure on the compressibility of natural Singapore marine clayLow, H.-E.; Phoon, K.-K. ; Tan, T.-S. ; Leroueil, S.
Jun-2006Equivalent granular void ratio for characterization of Singapore's Old AlluviumNi, Q. ; Dasari, G.R. ; Tan, T.S. 
2013Estimating strength of stabilized dredged fill using multivariate normal modelSantoso, A.M. ; Phoon, K.K. ; Tan, T.S. 
Jun-2005Experimental study of the behavior of a lumpy fill of soft clayRobinson, R.G. ; Tan, T.S. ; Dasari, G.R. ; Leung, C.F. ; Vijayakumar, A.