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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A comparative study on term weighting schemes for text categorizationLan, M. ; Sung, S.-Y. ; Low, H.-B.; Tan, C.-L. 
2005A comprehensive comparative study on term weighting schemes for text categorization with support vector machinesLan, M. ; Tan, C.-L. ; Low, H.-B.; Sung, S.-Y. 
2006A cubic-wise balance approach for privacy preservation in data cubesLiu, Y.; Sung, S.Y. ; Xiong, H.
2002A fast filtering scheme for large database cleansingSung, S.Y. ; Li, Z.; Sun, P.
2002A general simulation environment for IP mobilitySun, P.; Sung, S.Y. 
2006A hybrid EM approach to spatial clusteringHu, T.; Sung, S.Y. 
2003A new clustering algorithm for transaction data via caucusXu, J.; Xiong, H.; Sung, S.Y. ; Kumar, V.
2004A trimmed mean approach to finding spatial outliersHu, T.; Sung, S.Y. 
1996Access methods on aggregation of object-oriented databaseSung, S.Y. ; Fu, Jeffrey
2000Adapting the right Web pages to the right usersXiong, Hui; Sung, Sam Y. ; Huang, Stephen
1995Animated pictorial databaseSung, S.Y. ; Ling, T.W. ; Sivakumar, S.; Shaw, V.
2005Clustering spatial data with a hybrid em approachHu, T.; Sung, S.Y. 
2005Consensus clusteringHu, T.; Sung, S.Y. 
2004Constraint based method for finding motifs in DNA sequencesDong, X.; Sung, S.Y. ; Sung, W.-K. ; Tan, C.L. 
2004Data declustering with replicationsLiu, Y.; Sung, S.Y. ; Xiong, H.; Ng, P.
2005Data fusion in radial basis function networks for spatial regressionHu, T.; Sung, S.Y. 
1996Data mining in a large database environmentSung, S.Y. ; Wang, K. ; Chua, B.L.
2003Detecting pattern-based outliersHu, T.; Sung, S.Y. 
1998Determining the optimal loading factor using random walk modelSung, S.Y. ; Shaw, V.; Sivakumar, S.
2002Dynamic similarity for fields with NULL valuesZhao, L.; Yuan, S.S. ; Yang, Q.X.; Peng, S.