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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A generalized construction and improvements on nonbinary codes from goppa codesTomlinson, M.; Jibril, M.; Tjhai, C.; Bezzateev, S.V.; Grassl, M. ; Ahmed, M.Z.
2013Asymmetric quantum codes detecting a single amplitude errorEzerman, M.F.; Grassl, M. 
2012Computing extensions of linear codes using a greedy algorithmGrassl, M. ; Han, S.
16-Jul-2009Cryptanalysis of an authentication scheme using truncated polynomialsGrassl, M. ; Steinwandt, R.
Jan-2011Cryptanalysis of the Tillich-Zémor hash functionGrassl, M. ; Ilić, I.; Magliveras, S.; Steinwandt, R.
13-Jun-2012Experimental implementation of a codeword-stabilized quantum codeZhang, J.; Grassl, M. ; Zeng, B.; Laflamme, R.
11-Nov-2013Four-qubit pure states as fermionic statesChen, L.; Crossed D Signoković, D.Z.; Grassl, M. ; Zeng, B.
Jan-2011Fully ramified characters and clifford codesNicolás, A.P.; Martínez, C.; Grass, M. 
2009Generalized concatenation for quantum codesGrassl, M. ; Shor, P.W.; Zeng, B.
3-Feb-2011Graph concatenation for quantum codesBeigi, S.; Chuang, I.; Grassl, M. ; Shor, P.; Zeng, B.
2013Leveraging automorphisms of quantum codes for fault-tolerant quantum computationGrassl, M. ; Roetteler, M.
2010Multi-error-correcting amplitude damping codesDuan, R.; Grassl, M. ; Ji, Z.; Zeng, B.
2014New binary codes from extended Goppa codesTomlinson, M.; Jibril, M.; Tjhai, C.; Grassl, M. ; Ahmed, M.Z.
2012New constructions of codes for asymmetric channels via concatenationGrassl, M. ; Shor, P.; Smith, G.; Smolin, J.; Zeng, B.
2010On encoders for quantum convolutional codesGrassl, M. ; Rotteler, M.
2010On the connection between mutually unbiased bases and orthogonal Latin squaresPaterek, T. ; Pawłowski, M.; Grassl, M. ; Brukner, Č.
27-Dec-2010Quantum-capacity-approaching codes for the detected-jump channelGrassl, M. ; Ji, Z.; Wei, Z. ; Zeng, B.
2013Stabilizer formalism for generalized concatenated quantum codesWang, Y.-J.; Zeng, B.; Grassl, M. ; Sanders, B.C.
26-May-2010Structured error recovery for code-word-stabilized quantum codesLi, Y.; Dumer, I.; Grassl, M. ; Pryadko, L.P.
Apr-2010Symmetric informationally complete positive-operator-valued measures: A new computer studyScott, A.J.; Grassl, M.