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2000A model of relational leadership: The integration of trust and leader-member exchangeBrower, H.H.; Schoorman, F.D.; Tan, H.H. 
2001An exploratory study on the career anchors of educators in SingaporeTan, H.-H. ; Quek, B.-C.
2001An exploratory study on the career anchors of educators in Singapore.Tan, H.H. ; Quek, B.C.
2002Antecedents and outcomes of union loyalty: A constructive replication and an extensionTan, H.H. ; Aryee, S.
2006Dyadic effects in nonverbal communication: A variance partitioning analysisElfenbein, H.A.; Der Foo, M. ; Boldry, J.G.; Tan, H.H. 
2004Emotional intelligence and negotiation: The tension between creating and claiming valueDer Foo, M. ; Elfenbein, H.A.; Tan, H.H. ; Aik, V.C.
2003Individual- and Perceived Contextual-Level Antecedents of Individual Technical Information Inquiry in OrganizationsTan, H.H. ; Zhao, B.
2007Reading your counterpart: The benefit of emotion recognition accuracy for effectiveness in negotiationElfenbein, H.A.; Foo, M.D. ; White, J.; Tan, H.H. ; Aik, V.C.
2005Rhythms of life: Antecedents and outcomes of work-family balance in employed parentsAryee, S.; Srinivas, E.S.; Tan, H.H. 
2003Situational and dispositional predictors of displays of positive emotionsTan, H.H. ; Foo, M.D.; Chong, C.L.; Ng, R.
2004Strategic reorientation and responses to the Asian financial crisis: The case of the manufacturing industry in SingaporeTan, H.H. ; See, H.H.
2002Temporary employees in Singapore: what drives them?Tan, H.H. ; Tan, C.P.
2004The effects of customer personality traits on the display of positive emotionsTan, H.H. ; Foo, M.D. ; Kwek, M.H.
2000The trusted general manager and business unit performance: Empirical evidence of a competitive advantageDavis, J.H.; Schoorman, F.D.; Mayer, R.C.; Tan, H.H. 
2000Toward the Differentiation of Trust in Supervisor and Trust in OrganizationTan, H.H. ; Tan, C.S.F.
2005Understanding interpersonal trust in a Confucian-influenced society: An exploratory studyTan, H.H. ; Chee, D.
2004When the cat's away: A content analysis of MNC overseas recruitment print adsLeong, S.M. ; Tan, H.H. ; Loh, M.S.-Y.