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2016Boromycin kills mycobacterial persisters without detectable resistanceMoreira, W ; Aziz, D.B ; Dick, T 
2017Bortezomib warhead-switch confers dual activity against mycobacterial caseinolytic protease and proteasome and selectivity against human proteasomeMoreira W. ; Santhanakrishnan, S ; Dymock, B.W ; Dick, T 
2016Developmental transcriptome of resting cell formation in Mycobacterium smegmatisWu M.-L. ; Gengenbacher M. ; Chung J.C.S. ; Chen S.L. ; Mollenkopf H.-J.; Kaufmann S.H.E.; Dick T. 
2017Draft genome sequence of Mycobacterium abscessus BambooYee, M ; Klinzing, D; Wei, J.-R; Gengenbacher, M ; Rubin, E.J; Dick, T 
2017Draft genome sequence of Mycobacterium avium 11Yee, M ; Klinzing, D; Wei, J.-R; Gengenbacher, M ; Rubin, E.J; Chien, J.-Y; Hsueh, P.-R; Dick, T 
2016Fragment-based whole cell screen delivers hits against M. tuberculosis and non-tuberculous mycobacteriaMoreira, W ; Lim, J.J; Yeo, S.Y; Ramanujulu, P.M ; Dymock, B.W ; Dick, T 
2018Impact of immunopathology on the antituberculous activity of pyrazinamideBlanc, L; Sarathy, J.P; Cabrera, N.A; O’Brien, P; Dias Freedman, I; Mina, M; Sacchettini, J; Savic, R.M; Gengenbacher, M ; Podell, B.K; Prideaux, B; Ioerger, T; Dick, T ; Dartois, V
4-Dec-2013Indolcarboxamide is a preclinical candidate for treating multidrug-resistant tuberculosisRao, S.P.S.; Lakshminarayana, S.B.; Kondreddi, R.R.; Herve, M.; Camacho, L.R.; Bifani, P.; Kalapala, S.K.; Jiricek, J.; Ma, N.L.; Tan, B.H.; Ng, S.H.; Nanjundappa, M.; Ravindran, S.; Seah, P.G.; Thayalan, P.; Lim, S.H.; Lee, B.H.; Goh, A.; Barnes, W.S.; Chen, Z.; Gagaring, K.; Chatterjee, A.K.; Pethe, K.; Kuhen, K.; Walker, J.; Feng, G.; Babu, S.; Zhang, L.; Blasco, F.; Beer, D.; Weaver, M.; Dartois, V.; Glynne, R.; Dick, T. ; Smith, P.W.; Diagana, T.T.; Manjunatha, U.H.
2015Metabolic flexibility and morphological plasticity in mycobacteriaWu M.-L; Dick T 
2016Mild nutrient starvation triggers the development of a small-cell survival morphotype in mycobacteriaWu, M.-L ; Gengenbacher, M ; Dick, T 
2017Missense mutations in the unfoldase ClpC1 of the caseinolytic protease complex are associated with pyrazinamide resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosisYee, M ; Gopal, P ; Dick, T 
2017Mycobacterial caseinolytic protease gene regulator ClgR is a substrate of caseinolytic proteaseYamada Y. ; Dick T. 
2018Mycobacterial cell wall synthesis inhibitors cause lethal ATP burstShetty, A. ; Dick, T. 
2014Pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics analysis of bicyclic 4-nitroimidazole analogs in a murine model of tuberculosisLakshminarayana S.B.; Boshoff H.I.M.; Cherian J.; Ravindran S.; Goh A.; Jiricek J.; Nanjundappa M.; Nayyar A.; Gurumurthy M.; Singh R.; Dick T. ; Blasco F.; Barry III C.E.; Ho P.C. ; Manjunatha U.H.
15-May-2020Potency Increase of Spiroketal Analogs of Membrane Inserting Indolyl Mannich Base Antimycobacterials Is Due to Acquisition of MmpL3 Inhibition.Li, Ming; Phua, Zheng Yen; Xi, Yu; Xu, Zhujun ; Nyantakyi, Samuel Agyei; Li, Wei; Jackson, Mary C; Wong, Ming Wah ; Lam, Yulin ; Chng, Shu-Sin ; Go, Mei-Lin ; Dick, Thomas 
2016Pyrazinamide resistance is caused by two distinct mechanisms: Prevention of coenzyme a depletion and loss of virulence factor synthesisGopal, P ; Yee, M; Sarathy, J ; Liang Low, J ; Sarathy, J.P; Kaya, F; Dartois, V; Gengenbacher, M ; Dick, T 
2016Rel is required for morphogenesis of resting cells in Mycobacterium smegmatisWu, M.-L ; Chan, C.L ; Dick, T 
21-Sep-2020Resistance against membrane-inserting MmpL3 inhibitor through upregulation of MmpL5 in M. tuberculosis.Li, Ming; Nyantakyi, Samuel Agyei; Go, Mei-Lin ; Dick, Thomas 
2017Rifabutin Is active against mycobacterium abscessus complexAziz, D.B ; Low, J.L ; Wu, M.-L ; Gengenbacher, M ; Teo, J.W.P; Dartois, V; Dick, T 
2017Screening of TB actives for activity against nontuberculous mycobacteria delivers high hit ratesLow, J.L ; Wu, M.-L ; Aziz, D.B ; Laleu, B; Dick, T