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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Oct-2017African Student Migrants in China: Negotiating the Global Geographies of Power throughGastronomic Practices and CultureElaine Ho 
Oct-2011Caught between two worlds: Mainland Chinese return migration, hukou considerations and the citizenship dilemmaHO LYNN EE,ELAINE 
2013Changing Landscapes of Singapore: Old Tensions, New DiscoveriesElaine Lynn-Ee Ho ; Chih Yuan Woon ; Kamalini Ramdas ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.deleted.icon; Hamzah Muzaini; Choon-Piew Pow ; Harvey Neo ; Shirlena Huang ; Noorashikin bte Abdul Rahman ; Junjia Ye; Karen P.Y. Lai ; T.C. Chang ; Harng Luh Sin ; Pui Leng Woo; Brendan Cheong; Andy Chong; Alvin Kok; Matthew Lam; Tu Guang Tan 
2014China as the ‘Protector’ of Co-ethnics in Distress: Changing Episodes of Human Security Vulnerabilities over Space and TimeHo, Lynn Ee Elaine 
2014CitizenshipHo, Lynn Ee Elaine 
Sep-2008Citizenship, migration and transnationalism: a review and critical interventionsHo, Lynn Ee Elaine 
17-Sep-2009Constituting Citizenship Through the Emotions: Singaporean Transmigrants in LondonHo, Lynn Ee Elaine 
26-Oct-2017Eating in the CityKelvin Low; Elaine Ho 
31-Dec-2019Feeling Schools, Affective Nation: The Emotional Geographies Of Education In Singapore, Slippages As Tactical ManoeuvresHO LYNN EE,ELAINE ; Ang, Clara
Oct-2008"Flexible citizenship"or familial ties that bind? Singaporean transmigrants in LondonHo, Lynn Ee Elaine 
2013Identity politics and cultural asymmetries: Singaporean transmigrants “fashioning” cosmopolitanismHo, Lynn Ee Elaine 
11-Jul-2016Incongruent migration categorisations and competing citizenship claims: “return” and hypermigration in transnational migration circuitsHo, Lynn Ee Elaine 
27-Oct-2020Intolerable intersectional burdens: a COVID-19 research agenda for social and cultural geographiesElaine Lynn-Ee Ho ; Avril Maddrell
2014Introduction: Immigration, Emigration, and Return Migration in SingaporeHo, Lynn Ee Elaine 
20-Mar-2017Jayde Lin Roberts, Mapping Chinese Rangoon: Place and Nation among the Sino-BurmeseElaine Ho 
2013Juggling Citizenships for Transnational Familyhood: Mainland Chinese Immigrants in Canada and Their 'Return' Migration to ChinaHO LYNN EE,ELAINE 
Jan-2014"Middling" Chinese Returnees or Immigrants from Canada? The Ambiguity of Return Migration and Claims to ModernityHo, E.L.-E. ; Ley, D.
2013“Middling” Chinese returnees or immigrants from Canada? The ambiguity of return migration and claims to modernityHO LYNN EE,ELAINE ; Ley, David
1-Jan-2011Migration trajectories of ‘highly skilled’middling transnationals: Singaporean transmigrants in LondonHo, Lynn Ee Elaine 
2012Migration: ethnicity, race and mobilityHO LYNN EE,ELAINE ; Kissoon, Priya