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Apr-2010BRD7 is a candidate tumour suppressor gene required for p53 functionDrost, J.; Mantovani, F.; Tocco, F.; Elkon, R.; Comel, A.; Holstege, H.; Kerkhoven, R.; Jonkers, J.; Voorhoeve, P.M. ; Agami, R.; Del Sal, G.
28-Oct-2010Cancer-related ectopic expression of the bone-related transcription factor RUNX2 in non-osseous metastatic tumor cells is linked to cell proliferation and motilityLeong, D.T. ; Lim, J.; Goh, X.; Pratap, J.; Pereira, B.P.; Kwok, H.S.; Nathan, S.S.; Dobson, J.R.; Lian, J.B.; Ito, Y.; Voorhoeve, P.M. ; Stein, G.S.; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Cool, S.M.; van Wijnen, A.J.
1-Nov-2013Comparison of gene expression profiles in primary and immortalized human pterygium fibroblast cellsHou, A.; Voorhoeve, P. ; Lan, W.; Tin, M.; Tong, L. 
Apr-2013Expression analysis of rare cellular subsets: Direct RT-PCR on limited cell numbers obtained by FACS or soft agar assaysHo, V.; Yeo, S.Y.; Kunasegaran, K.; De Silva, D.; Tarulli, G.A.; Voorhoeve, P.M. ; Pietersen, A.M.
15-Jul-2010Gene regulation and tumor suppression by the bromodomain-containing protein BRD7Mantovani, F.; Drost, J.; Voorhoeve, P.M. ; Del Sal, G.; Agami, R.
1-May-2011Genomic loss of miR-486 regulates tumor progression and the OLFM4 antiapoptotic factor in gastric cancerOh, H.-K.; Tan, A.L.-K.; Das, K. ; Ooi, C.-H. ; Deng, N.-T. ; Tan, I.B.; Beillard, E.; Lee, J.; Ramnarayanan, K.; Rha, S.-Y.; Palanisamy, N.; Voorhoeve, P.M. ; Tan, P. 
2010Genomic Technologies for Systems BiologyLiu, E.T.; Goel, S.; Desai, K.; Voorhoeve, M. 
Dec-2013HINCUTs in cancer: Hypoxia-induced noncoding ultraconserved transcriptsFerdin, J.; Nishida, N.; Wu, X.; Nicoloso, M.S.; Shah, M.Y.; Devlin, C.; Ling, H.; Shimizu, M.; Kumar, K.; Cortez, M.A.; Ferracin, M.; Bi, Y.; Yang, D.; Czerniak, B.; Zhang, W.; Schmittgen, T.D.; Voorhoeve, M.P. ; Reginato, M.J.; Negrini, M.; Davuluri, R.V.; Kunej, T.; Ivan, M.; Calin, G.A.
2-Jun-2011IC261 induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis of human cancer cells via CK1δ/ε and Wnt/Β-catenin independent inhibition of mitotic spindle formationCheong, J.K.; Hung, N.T.; Wang, H. ; Tan, P. ; Voorhoeve, P.M. ; Lee, S.H.; Virshup, D.M.
15-Mar-2013MicroRNA-182 and MicroRNA-200a control G-protein subunit α-13 (GNA13) expression and cell invasion synergistically in prostate cancer cellsRasheed, S.A.K.; Teo, C.R.; Beillard, E.J.; Voorhoeve, P.M. ; Casey, P.J. 
Jan-2010MicroRNAs: Oncogenes, tumor suppressors or master regulators of cancer heterogeneity?Voorhoeve, P.M. 
May-2012miR-sens - A retroviral dual-luciferase reporter to detect microRNA activity in primary cellsBeillard, E.; Ong, S.C.; Giannakakis, A.; Guccione, E.; Vardy, L.A.; Voorhoeve, P.M. 
7-Jan-2014New insights into lineage restriction of mammary gland epithelium using parity-identified mammary epithelial cellsChang, T.H.-T.; Kunasegaran, K.; Tarulli, G.A.; De Silva, D.; Voorhoeve, P.M. ; Pietersen, A.M.
Oct-2012P53-Independent regulation of p21Waf1/Cip1 expression and senescence by PRMT6Phalke, S.; Mzoughi, S.; Bezzi, M.; Jennifer, N.; Mok, W.C.; Low, D.H.P.; Thike, A.A.; Kuznetsov, V.A.; Tan, P.H.; Voorhoeve, P.M. ; Guccione, E.
1-Jun-2009Promyelocytic leukemia protein is required for gain of function by mutant p53Haupt, S.; Di Agostino, S.; Mizrahi, I.; Alsheich-Bartok, O.; Voorhoeve, M. ; Damalas, A.; Blandino, G.; Haupt, Y.
1-Aug-2012TP53 genomic status regulates sensitivity of gastric cancer cells to the histone methylation inhibitor 3-deazaneplanocin A (DZNep)Cheng, L.L.; Itahana, Y.; Lei, Z.D.; Chia, N.-Y.; Wu, Y.; Yu, Y.; Zhang, S.L.; Thike, A.A.; Pandey, A.; Rozen, S. ; Voorhoeve, P.M. ; Yu, Q. ; Tan, P.H.; Bay, B.H.; Itahana, K.; Tan, P.