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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-20021 × 2 optical waveguide filters based on multimode interference for 1.3- and 1.55-μm operationLi, B. ; Chua, S.-J. ; Leitz, C.W.; Fitzgerald, E.A.
19981.5 μm buried heterostructure InGaAsP/InP MQW laser with native-oxidized InAlAs current block layerJie, Wang Zhi; Jin, Chua Soo ; Fan, Zhou; Jie, Wang Xiao; Wei, Wang; Han, Wu Rong
19981.5 μm buried heterostructure InGaAsP/InP MQW laser with native-oxidized InAlAs current blocking layerJie, Wang Zhi; Jin, Chua Soo ; Fan, Zhou; Liang, Zhu Hong; Wei, Wang; Han, Wu Rong
20081/f noise analysis of ZnO nanowire and thin filmKe, L.; Li, W.; Soo, J.C. 
Mar-20012 × 2 Optical waveguide switch with bow-tie electrode based on carrier-injection total internal reflection in SiGe alloyLi, B. ; Chua, S.-J. 
Mar-20062 × 3 photonic switch in SiGe for 1.55 μm operationChen, Z.; Li, B.; Chaudhari, B.S.; Chua, S.J. 
20053×2 integrated microphotonic switchesLi, B.; Chua, S.J. ; Fitzgerald, E.A.; Chaudhari, B.; Jiang, S.; Cai, Z.
20154,9-Dihydro-s-indaceno[1,2-b:5,6-b']dithiophene-embedded electrochromic conjugated polymers with high coloration efficiency and fast coloration timeNeo, Weiteng; Ye, Qun; Lin, Tingting; Chua, Soo Jin ; Xu, Jianwei
2004A 3 × 2 waveguide switch based on SiGe for C-band operationTeng, J.H.; Chua, S.J. ; Miao, L.Y.; Yin, R.; Li, B.J.; Fitzgerald, E.; Leitz, C.W.
May-1983A classification scheme for the light-current (L/I) characteristics of a two photon mode semiconductor laserChua, S.J. 
2014A dual-character InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well device for electroluminescence and photovoltaic absorption of near-mutually exclusive wavelengthsHo, J.-W.; Dolmanan, S.-B.; Tay, C.B. ; Wee, Q.; Tay, A.A.O. ; Chua, S.-J. 
2-Feb-2006A nano-patterned organic light-emitting diode with high extraction efficiencyWang, B.; Ke, L.; Chua, S.-J. 
14-Apr-2000A novel series of copolymers containing 2,5-dicyano-l,4-phenylene-vinylene - Synthetic tuning of the HOMO and LUMO energy levels of conjugated polymersXiao, Y.; Yu, W.-L. ; Chua, S.-J. ; Huang, W. 
2002A study of the decomposition of GaN during annealing over a wide range of temperaturesRana, M.A.; Choi, H.W.; Breese, M.B.H. ; Osipowicz, T. ; Chua, S.J. ; Watt, F. 
13-Oct-2003A study of the material loss and other processes involved during annealing of GaN at growth temperaturesRana, M.A.; Osipowicz, T. ; Choi, H.W.; Breese, M.B.H. ; Chua, S.J. 
Feb-2014A transition solvent strategy to print polymer:fullerene films using halogen-free solvents for solar cell applicationsLim, G.-H.; Zhuo, J.-M. ; Wong, L.-Y. ; Chua, S.-J. ; Chua, L.-L. ; Ho, P.K.H. 
2008Absorption recovery time reduction in InGaN/GaN quantum well saturable absorbersLin, F. ; Xiang, N. ; Chua, S.J. ; Irshad, A.; Roither, S.; Pugzlys, A.; Baltuska, A.; Chen, P.; Chow, S.Y.
10-Apr-1996Acceptor-related radiative recombination of quasi-two-dimensional electrons in modulation-doped GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs heterojunctionsChua, S.J. ; Xu, S.J. ; Tang, X.H.
1996Acoustic wave monitoring in pulsed laser interaction with materialsLu, Y.F. ; Hong, M.H. ; Chua, S.J. ; Low, T.S. 
2000Activation of beryllium-implanted GaN by two-step annealingSun, Y.; Tan, L.S. ; Chua, S.J. ; Prakash, S.