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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A constrained genetic algorithm for efficient dimensionality reduction for pattern classificationPanicker, R.C. ; Puthusserypady, S. 
2003A novel CDP DS/SS system with 2-dimensional Ikeda Map chaotic sequenceHtut, S.M.; Puthusserypady, S. 
2003A novel DS/SS system with complex chaotic spreading sequenceHtut, S.M.; Kurian, A.P.; Puthusserypady, S. 
Dec-2005A sparse Bayesian method for determination of flexible design matrix for fMRI data analysisLuo, H.; Puthusserypady, S. 
Nov-2007Adaptive spatiotemporal modelling and estimation of the event-related fMRI responsesLuo, H.; Puthusserypady, S. 
2003An adaptive decision feedback PIC for asynchronous DS-CDMA systemLin, D.; Puthusserypady, S. 
2002An iterative noise reduction method for electrocardiogramPuthusserypady, S. ; Lim, Y.L.
May-2008Analysis of fMRI data with drift: Modified general linear model and Bayesian estimatorLuo, H.; Puthusserypady, S. 
2007Analysis of schizophrenic EEG synchrony using empirical mode decompositionZiqiang, Z.; Puthusserypady, S. 
2004Bayesian radial basis function network for modeling fMRI dataHuaien, L.; Puthusserypady, S. 
2004Cardiac health diagnosis using heart rate variability signals - A comparative studyKannathal, N.; Acharya, U.R.; Lim, C.-M.; Sadasivan, P.K. ; Iyengar, S.S.
2005Cardiac state diagnosis using adaptive neuro-fuzzy techniqueKannathal, N.; Puthusserypady, S.K. ; Lim, C.M.; Acharya, R.U.; Laxminarayan, S.
Oct-2006Cardiac state diagnosis using adaptive neuro-fuzzy techniqueKannathal, N.; Lim, C.M.; Rajendra Acharya, U.; Sadasivan, P.K. 
2006Chaotic synchronization: A nonlinear predictive filtering approachKurian, A.P.; Puthusserypady, S. 
4-Jun-2007Chaotic time series prediction and additive white Gaussian noiseLim, T.P.; Puthusserypady, S. 
Oct-2005Characterization of EEG - A comparative studyKannathal, N.; Acharya, U.R.; Lim, C.M.; Sadasivan, P.K. 
2003Classification of cardiac patient states using artificial neural networksKannathal, N.; Acharya, U.R.; Lim, C.M.; Sadasivan, P.K. ; Krishnan, S.M.
2004Complex dynamics of epileptic EEGKannathal, N.; Puthusserypady, S.K. ; Min, L.C.
2002Detection of humans buried in rubble: An electronic nose to detect human body odorTeo, A.W.; Garg, H.K. ; Puthusserypady, S. 
2004Effect of reflexology on EEG - A nonlinear approachKannathal, N.; Paul, J.K.; Lim, C.M.; Chua, K.P.; Sadasivan, P.K.